16 general knowledge of introductory fitness, newcomers must see, stop saying you do not know how to work out!

When I figured out the hobby of fitness, I would find that many people enter the fitness ranks in a confused manner, and then train in a confused manner. For fitness common sense are not understood, and even fall into misunderstanding.

A lot of fitness knowledge can be said that “nine out of ten questions do not answer”, because they simply blindly practice, practice the effect in the end, they do not know much.

Although most of us do not practice the kind of muscle domination of Ronnie, Sis and so on, but the understanding of common sense, can help everyone’s knowledge of fitness, so as to exercise a lower body fat, bodybuilding-like body.

In this editorial carefully selected, for you to summarize the 16 fitness common sense, I hope to help you on the road to fitness: 1.

1. 30 minutes before fitness, to eat some easily digestible fast carbon or protein food, can enhance the ability to exercise performance. Do not eat slow-digesting food, which can easily lead to abdominal bloating and affect the training effect.

2. emphasis on warm-up training, spend 5 minutes warming up can reduce friction between tissues, but also help prevent muscle damage, a good warm-up can create a healthier body.

3. During exercise, use the interval time to replenish water, small sips can prevent electrolyte loss. Do not drink a large amount at once after exercise, it is easy to cause blood concentration dilution, the internal environment concentration decreased and other consequences that are not conducive to physical recovery.

4. muscle building, fat loss people need to supplement sufficient protein, can maintain muscle, promote muscle growth. The best quality protein is lean meat, whether it is chicken breast, beef, or pork, lamb, are good choices. In addition, protein powder is also a quality nutritional supplement with quick and easy absorption.

5. muscle soreness, does not mean that the training out good results, but also may not be training in place, resulting in the transfer of the power position. Muscle soreness, does not mean that the training is not in place, may be stimulated to the deep muscles, resulting in delayed soreness.

6. fitness do not wear jeans, narrow legged pants, sweaters and other clothing that affects the flexibility and heat dissipation of the body, which will greatly reduce the ability to perform sports, but also not conducive to physical recovery. Fitness to choose sportswear, sports shoes and other professional equipment, in order to avoid unnecessary injuries.

7. do not train after drinking, do not drink after practice. Alcohol tends to stimulate blood circulation flow rate, increasing the incidence of hypertension, cardiovascular disease too.

8. fitness training process, maintain a smooth breathing control, holding your breath is easy to faint under the large weight training, resulting in life-threatening.

9. fitness practice do not immediately sit down to rest or shower, should ease the body breathing state, so that the body to restore calm and prevent the invasion of germs when the immune system is reduced.

10. fitness training, not necessarily every time you use a large weight training, you have to adjust the training plan according to the direction of their own body development, training status and other factors. The same training plan, only to train the same body.

11. remember not to wear “sweat suits”, which is a harmful product. The principle of the sweat suit is to seal the body’s cooling system, so that heat is stored in the clothes, sweat is retained in the clothes, which is not only easy to let the open pores invade the germs, but also easy to “smother” the body.

12. The number of training sessions per week should not be too many, and should not be overworked, need at least 1-2 days of rest a week. You have to listen carefully to the state of the body, persistence is important, but not to force the body to release excessive energy.

13. Sleep is the protagonist of the body’s recovery, no one of them. Ensuring the habit of regular early bedtime and not staying up late will promote body repair and muscle growth. And the extra intake of fitness supplements can only be a supporting role in the fitness program.

14. The training plan for boys and girls is the same, there is no certain training plan for men and women. The difference is that the focus of training and weight selection is not the same.

15. Fitness is not an immediate thing, you need to adhere to at least 3 months, in order to feel the transformation of the body. Fitness only stick to it, take it as a habit of life, is really cultivated in place.

16, weight loss people also need to strengthen weight training, otherwise a long time aerobic exercise will break down the body’s muscles, resulting in a decline in body metabolism, the weight is easy to rebound. Aerobic exercise time is shortened, adding half an hour of resistance training, starting with compound movements, fat burning and shaping effect will be significantly improved Oh!

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