2017 China Sleep Map Broken – 80% of the Chinese Sleep Insurance,

2017 China Sleep Map Broadcasting 80% of the Men Sleep Sichuan Nishikawa Sleeping Artifact Save the Sleep Quick Times Footsteps, causing more and more  sleeping for 5 minutes, late 2 hours tragedy, I don’t know when I started, every night Sleeping also slowly become the  luxury As early as the 2012 World Health Organization (WHO), the population of various types of sleep disorders in China accounted for 38.2%, far exceeding the average of 27% of the world. Nowadays, according to the \”2017 Amazon China Sleep Map\”, more than 80% of Chinese sleep time is less than 8 hours, and nearly 8% of respondents are suffering from healthy troubles. Night cats are normal: 80% of sleep for less than 8 hours, US and Australian experts have conducted investigations around 645 cities around the world from 2006 to 2012. The results show that Chinese people have average 10:38 points to sleep, at 7:04 in the morning The average sleep time is 8.66 hours. In 2017, Amazon China’s survey data shows that 81% of Chinese sleep time is less than 8 hours. Near 60% of people usually go to sleep at 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, 46.61% have got up before 7 o’clock in the morning. It is worth noting that 5.56% after learning pressure, the daily sleep time is less than 5 hours, and 40% of the day is more than 4%, and it is impossible to make up at the weekend. National Sleep Map: Sichuan is the latest sleep, Shanghai is the most deficient in this survey, Sichuan has become the latest championship in the country in the country and the most often staying at the list, which should be relatively late with the local sunset and nightlife. However, because of the nightlife, you will sleep in Guangdong, Beijing people choose the highest in the late sleeping, Shanghai people are more willing to stay up late. In addition, the top 5 provinces and cities in the top 5 hours of sleep less than 5 hours are Shanghai, Guangdong, Liaoning, Fujian and Beijing. Interestingly, at the weekend fill, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Henan has at least 30% of respondents say that even if there is not enough sleep, it does not affect the spirit of the weekend. Sleep deprived: Men’s stress, women’s love chase although most people know how to stay up late, they are not conducive to sleep and health, but the survey data is fully displayed, 83.54% of men sleep within 8 hours a day, women are 5 times lower than men percentage point. At the same time, men’s attention to sleep problems is not as good as women. Although the top three reasons of deprived sleep, men are more likely to stay at night, and women love to chase and movies. Moreover, women still have more attention to the endocrine and skin problems that are obviously more concerned about sleep, and still have a weaker self-control and time management capability, far below 14.44%. Therefore, most women choose weekends, and women’s weekends are generally longer than men. Career thirsty sleeping list: I have a deep sea, from this pillow is the passerby, although in historyThe axis is also a global perspective, and hard work is the impression label of the Chinese, but China is increasing in China, and there is still a career choice for cups and more cups. For example, whether the workday or not, energy manufacturing from the industry is a well-deserved \u0026 ldquo; Early Championship \u0026 Rdquo; Form a stark contrast; evening-in-element \u0026 rdquo; advertising / public relations / media person, but 4.11% of people sleep less than 5 hours, 47.21% of people staying up late from work pressure, also proves their list of overtime dog listings The first is not yomant, far more than 20 percentage points of the second IT Internet practitioner. The service industry also said that the tired of the tertiary industry, who knows. Sleeping Constellation: Taurus is the best sleep, the flour fish is not enough to sleep, when you meet the constellation, there is a new metaphysics. In the survey, 94.81% Scorpio staying up late is using electronic products, 37.06% Cancer is because of working or academic, about 15% of Capricorn and Pisces. More than 2% Aries said it is a habitual stay. In the issue of staying up all night, the 3-year Gemini said that it did not feel or did not affect it, but 84.07% Capricorn indicated that there was an impact or impact. In addition, Libra is also shortlisted in the workday morning and the first three of the non-working day. Libra is a small lever with a sleep time, which can be described as a veritable competency. This year is Amazon China to launch \u0026 ldquo in the third consecutive year; National Sleep Status Investigation \u0026 RDQUO; Introducing the US Aerospace Foundation Certified Mattress Tempur Tempur, Japan has a 450-year-old high-end bedding, Nishikawa, Australia, famous Wool wool-Tech manufacturer, Creswick, Thailand, recommended brand Nittaya Nittaya and other international big cards. At this point, Amazon International Sleep Hall has been assembled from more than 3,000 international well-known brands, 27 items, and 27 items in 8 countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, with a total of more than 100,000 high-quality sleep. It is worth mentioning that in order to welcome the 17th World Sleep Day, since March 20th, the Amazon International Sleep Hall will launch more than hundreds of for three consecutive days; the treasure of the super town shop  sniper snapped up, and a week The order is 5% off. When the Amazon Prime member is purchasing sleep prime products, a single order is 200 yuan, and you can enjoy free distribution of cross-border orders, unlimited year. 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