Autumn health should pay attention to prevent respiratory diseases

Chinese medicine experts reminded that after the autumn, the temperature begins to decrease, the rain is reduced, the air humidity is relatively low, and the temperature difference between day and night is increased, which is the high season of respiratory disease. Pay attention to health, pay attention to diet, home nutrients, emotional nutrients, and prevent respiratory diseases. Professor Tan Guangbo, director of the Department of Respiratory Department of the Affiliated Hospital of Hunan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced that after the autumn, health carefully pays attention to \”Yangyin and dry\”. First of all, pay attention to diet, drink more water, eat less onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, fried food, puffed food, etc., can eat some fruit, can also eat lily steamed pumpkin, silver ear, Sydney stew Western food for nourishing yin. Tan Guangbo said, after the autumn, the sky is cool, you should get better early, don’t stay in the air conditioner for a long time. Due to the increase in temperature difference between day and night, it is necessary to increase or decrease in clothing in time to prevent cooling. Senior people with basic diseases autumn health must be quiet, peaceful, feel comfortable, avoiding physical health because of bad emotions. Tan Guangbo reminds people with chronic respiratory diseases, can be diet for personal conditions after autumn, diet, pay attention to nutrition, and if necessary, under the guidance of Chinese medicine, the immune function can be increased. (Xinhua News Agency is handsome)

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