Autumn health uses three \”fruit\” Chinese medicine teaches you to do this

I believe that you have also heard my mother’s embarrassment: \”Eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement vitamins.\” But modern people have a rhythm of life, spend time purchase, cleaning, cooking, not as good as eating a few vitamins. Therefore, in this era of health care, in addition to thermal cup, it is also sought after by many middle and old ages and even young people. The business advertisements are always non-hole, such as vitamins are the elements necessary for the human body. It has a lot of effectiveness: preventing aging, promoting immunity, preventing heart disease, or even anti-cancer … These effects are true and false? Prevent aging and promoting immune function, these two are difficult to quantify, we don’t say it. Heart disease and cancer are the category of disease, supplemented vitamin tablets, can you have action? I regret to tell you that additive vitamins to prevent heart disease and cancer effects are not clear. You may also hurt, eat vitamin film, even if you can’t prevent heart disease and cancer, you can at least strengthen your body, harmless to your body. I regret to tell you that there is sufficient evidence that taking vitamin E to prevent heart disease and cancer; those smoking people add beta carotene, but will increase lung cancer risk, will also increase heart disease or stroke death risk. Therefore, the US Prevention Services Working Group (USPSTF) recently released the statement, against the prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer by supplementing vitamin E and beta carotene, and complex vitamins and the benefits and risks of a single or combined nutrient prevention of heart disease and cancer unclear. So, add vitamins really don’t have benefits? Do you not scientifically scientifically? It’s really not! A study of 27,000 adults found that sufficient nutrient intake can reduce death risk, such as the right amount of intake of vitamin K and magnesium and death risk reduction; moderate intake vitamin A, vitamin K and Zinc and cardiovascular Death risk reduction. However, it should be noted that the association between these nutrients and the risk of death risk and cardiovascular death is limited to the source of food intake, not additional supplements. Looks like \”Ten Quan Dacheng\” vitamin tablets still don’t eat? The answer is: It is better to eat more fruits and vegetables. In other words, your mother let you eat more fruits and vegetables, right! To know, even in the space capsule activities, in such a unique living environment, they only need to add vitamin D because the spacecraft’s protective layer can’t get the sun. Therefore, we reiterate this point of view, additional vitamins, it is better to eat more fruits and vegetables! For ordinary people, healthy diet rich, nuts, whole grains and fruits is more beneficial than health products, and vitamin can’t replace nutrients in food. Of course, for the lack of nutrients, you should follow the doctor’s advice on the basis of improving diet nutrition. Text / Liu Jian (Peking University People’s Hospital)

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