Be wary of high \”salt\” value send you a few reduction of salt

Have you paid attention to the national \”9.15\” reduction in the country, do you pay attention? Decreased salt has also entered the \”5G\” era. Here \”5g\” refers to: Just 5 grams per person to help improve blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. But most of our Chinese people’s daily food intake is twice as much as recommended. \”The salt is more than walking than walking\”, from the health point of view, it is really not a good thing. Today, experts from the Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Center of Beijing CDC will share the small coups that control the high \”salt\” value. Excessive harm to eat salt is one of the most commonly used condiments in life than you think. Its main component is sodium chloride. Sodium is to maintain plasma capacity, acid-base balance, neuroblus conduction and Necessary nutrients for normal cell function. Once the excess is ingested, this must have a delicious thing, it has become a highly killed healthy killer. In addition to well-known high blood pressure, it can also cause osteoporosis and even inducetric cancer. Excessive intake of hypertension is closely related to hypertension, and high salt intake can lead to an increase in risk of high blood pressure. The Chinese population is generally sensitive to sodium, and high salt diet is one of the main risk factors in my country’s most hypertension patients. Cardiovascular disease high blood pressure is not only a disease, but also a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The increase in shrink pressure or diastolic pressure is related to the risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, cardiovascular death. The systolic pressure is 20mmHg per liter, or the risks of the cardiovascular disease will be multiplied per liter. Gastric cancer high salt intake will stimulate the gastric mucosa. Habits high salt diet, often consumes pickled vegetables, and the risk of gauze and gastric cancer is related. The content of osteoporosis ions in the skeleton is half of the total amount of sodium in the human body and participate in maintaining sodium balance and bone mineralization in the body. Higher sodium and osteoporosis are associated, and high salt diet will increase risk of osteoporosis. Children’s zinc deficiency is also harmful to children, and salt intake is equally harmful, and the smaller age, the greater damage. High salt diet can lead to increased risk of cardiovascular disease, upper respiratory tract infection, and zinc deficiency. How to choose low sodium, add iodine \”salt\” class? Nowadays, there are many kinds of edible salts we can buy, which may lead to a confusion when purchasing: Which salt should I choose? In fact, you need to know two keywords: one is low sodium, the second is iodine. Because low sodium salts and iodine salts are unsuitable. Low sodium salt low sodium salt is based on the iodide salt, which is low (about 70% sodium chloride) compared to ordinary sodium salts, potassium (about 30% potassium chloride), which helps the human sodium potassium balance Reduce the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease. Low sodium salts have two major functions, one is that the reduction of salt is not reduced, helping the body’s sodium potassium balance; Second, it can effectively prevent high blood pressure. Low sodium salt is best for middle-aged and elderly patients, high blood pressure patients, and pregnant women for a long time. However, low sodium salts are not suitable for high potassy drugs, hearts with diseases and renal dysfunction. Potassium ions are easily increased heart burden, such as indulgingIt may cause sudden death. The iodide iodine salt refers to a salt containing potassium iodate and sodium chloride. Iodine is a raw material for producing thyroid hormones, which is achieved by thyroid hormone. However, patients with thyroid diseases such as hynechoxidism, thyroiditis, need to listen to the doctor’s recommendations do not eat or eat less iodine salt. Low sodium salts also contain iodine, so patients with diseases are not suitable for edible. Other kinds of salt sea salt, lake salt, well saline, rock salt, bamboo salts, etc., are used in different mining sources and raw materials, after purification, as eating salts. Its essence or sodium chloride, but because there are other minerals, there may be some special flavors. In addition, there is a trace element such as calcium, iron, zinc, and selenium, and is now not advocated. For the supplement of nutrients, it should also be from balanced meals, and you can’t rely on so-called nutrient. Daily DHOS can be quantified from quantization by quantifying daily salts, we can have a number of foods that you can ink. The quantization of salt can be carried out by three small methods. Calculate daily salt intake When you buy a bag of salt, record the date of purchase, and then record the date after the salt is finished. In this way, you know how many days of this bag of salt, which in turn calculates the per capita salt intake. Salt spans were used using a salt salt tool, and the amount of salt added when cooking was cooked according to the specification of salt spoon (typically 2 grams). Or prepare a salt salt tank, give a salt in the recommended amount of salt every day, and then use it once a day. Moreover, considering seasonings such as soy sauce, oyster sauce, MSG, have higher sodium content, and salt intake should be more stringent. Reading nutrients When purchasing pre-packaged foods, it is also important to learn to read nutrients. Sodium (Na) on the pre-packaged food nutrition label represents a high low salt. At the time of purchase, pay attention to the lowest possible foods with low sodium salt.

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