Can the plant fat ice cream can eat?

In the summer, I entered the end, and the weather was still not cold. Everyone would still want to grab the summer’s tail to eat some things, ice cream became the first choice. These two days, foreign famous brand hot ice cream – Dream dragons hot search. If an account is a netizen, I have sent a microblog, saying that the Dragon ice cream \”double standard\”, the domestic version is \”low\” plant fat, the quality is the worst, there is trans fatty acid, and foreign version is used as the main raw material . What is the phytoge ice cream? Really contrary fatty acid? Is it true \”double standard\”? On the Internet, the main raw materials of Dream Dragon ice cream are \”vegetable oil\”, because the ingredients are the first in the table, so everyone thinks that China’s ice cream is mainly water, not milk. The main raw materials produced by Europe are \”milk\”, this ice cream double standard. Is it true? In fact, this is really misunderstood people. The products in different countries are indeed different, but there is no double standard such as water and milk, but the requirements of countries (regional) standards are different, and there are some differences on the label. In fact, the Chinese version of the dream dragon is also milk. Although China Sale Dream Dragon is the first place in the ingredients, there is milk powder, whey powder, etc. This is actually equivalent to \”restoring milk\”, which is to restore the original milk state with \”milk powder + water\”. Its nutritional value will not be lower than the milk. Similar to the recovery juice we often drink now. According to China’s label requirements, use recovery milk to list the water and milk powder. However, \”milk powder + water\” can be directly labeled \”Milk (Milk)\” or \”Reconstituted Milk\”. In fact, the Chinese version of the dream dragon in the Dream Dragon, according to the 1: 7 proportion of milk, the amount of milk can also be ranked first in the ingredient table, and there is no difference between the Dream Dragon, just because of the standard Different, it is not the same when labeled. Moreover, you can see online online, foreign dream dragons also use plant fat, all used coconut oil, this is just a problem of product differentiation. In general, I said that Dragon is bidding, this is a bit married. Phytolic and cream ice cream, which is better? On the Internet, there is the worst quality of the vesicle, which is all hydrogenated vegetable oil, and there are many trans fat. is this real? The phytorate ice cream is that it is useful in the raw material. Phytolic fat, means \”vegetable oil\”; and cream is cream. Phytoresin includes any vegetable oil, such as Net red olive oil, camel oil, walnut oil, and our daily edible soybean oil, corn oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil … and palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, And hydrogenated vegetable oils are \”plant fat\”. Let’s introduce the type of ice cream. Ice cream is made of milk, cream and other raw materials. According to the recommendability national standard \”frozen drink ice cream\” (GB / T 31114-2014), ice cream can be divided into three types of whole cream, semi-milk, and phyttyl. The whole cream ice cream refers to some of the body part of the milk fat mass (excluding non-cream)Ice cream. It means that the fat ingredients in ice cream are all from the milk, and the cream accounted for at least 8% throughout the ice cream. If the cream content is ≥ 2.2%, the ice cream is a semi-cream ice cream. However, if the cream is reduced to 2.2% or less, it is a vegetable fat ice cream. All creamy, semi-breast fat, and the fatty fat are legally compliant products, but the product classification is different. It is also the best thing to talk about the whole fat. After all, fat is too much fat. Therefore, the phytorate ice cream is a formal product, which is not completely no milk, but the product is positioned, and there is no exception. As for the online philosophyte ice cream, it is \”hydrogenated vegetable oil, only a very small amount of milk powder\”, has a lot of trans fatty acids. In fact, this is confused with fat. The strain is not a plant, which means oil from the plant. The most common \”coffee partner\” is \”coffee partner\”. The vegetable oil produces trans fatty acids during partial hydrogenation, and no hydrogenation or complete hydrogenated vegetable oil is also no trans fatty acid. And the end of the plant is controlled by the production process, and zero-transformable fat can also be achieved. There is no trans fatty acid, you just want to see the nutrient composition. Because of my country’s national standard, as long as the hydrogenated vegetable oil must be used in the nutrient composition, the content of trans fatty acids is marked. If the \”trans fatty acid\” is found in the ingredient table, the product does not contain various hydrogenated vegetable oils. If the content is 0, it will be described that the trans fatty acid content is below 0.3 g / 100g, such a low content will not have a bad effect on health. Therefore, there is no big difference in healthy ice cream and cream ice cream. Just usually from the taste, cream ice cream is better. How to choose ice cream? In general, there are more milk with milk, and the cream of ice cream is better. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone chooses ice cream: First, pay attention to the order in the ingredients, such as milk, milk powder, whey powder, cream in front of the disc mat table, indicating that the ingredients of the milk are more, quality Generally high. Second, pay attention to the ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, and ice cream, and more quality, and some proteins mainly from dairy products. But now there is also a botanic ice cream, and everyone pays attention to distinguish. Many people are worried about ice cream. From a healthy perspective, of course, the less sugar, the less oil, the lower the energy, the lower the energy. However, this requirement is too difficult to ice cream. Ice cream is originally a summer snack, and because of product characteristics, fat, sugar is less, Ice cream is definitely not good. So, I suggest that everyone will not be too tangled. As long as you buy a regular, qualified ice cream, which one is to eat. Heat, fat, and sugar content are written in the nutrition label, pay attention to see, there is a number in your heart. In fact, I have always missed the small pudding that I have eaten before, it is really a childhood memories, that is the classic of my mind … I don’t know if there is a feeling. Finally remind everyone to rememberOne point: ice cream is still very high, can’t eat, eat ice cream, it is best to go out to exercise.Text / Yan Guangfeng (Director of the Science and Technology Department of Food \u0026 Nutrition Information Exchange Center)

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