Can you prevent osteoporosis?Expert: Not that simple

On October 20th is the world osteoporosis day, the theme \”is\” bone size screening, fracture is prevention \”. Talking about the prevention of osteoporosis, Wang Weiguo, Director of Orthopedic Surgery, Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital, is emphasized that calcium is very important, but it is not enough to prevent osteoporosis. Clinically, osteoporosis is roughly divided into three types: senile osteoporosis, female postmenopausal osteoporosis, and osteoporosis caused by special diseases. In recent years, patients with osteoporosis present a young trend. Experts believe that this is a big relationship with contemporary living habits. \”The root cause of osteoporosis is calcium deficiency, and calcium absorption and utilization requires active vitamin D. human skin can synthesize vitamin D, but after sunlight, the liver can form active vitamin D. But many young people like to be house Indoor, lack of sunshine. \”Wang Weiguo explained that\” there is one reason that bone development requires appropriate mechanical stimulation, some young people have long been non-movable, leading to the reduction in bone, causing waste osteoporosis. \”How to prevent it correctly Osteoporosis? Wang Weiguo said that we must first do a balanced dieting. \”Calcium is important to prevent osteoporosis, but the body is also important to not only calcium, vitamins, carbohydrates, cellulose, etc. Due to uneven diet, vegetarians may easily show calcium deficiency. To note, eat Big bones, collagen supplementation, no scientific basis. \”Even with enough calcium, it is not good to absorb and use calcium.\” Experts recommend more access to outdoor activities, increase the illumination time, promote body synthetic activity vitamin D. \”If calcium intake is insufficient or insufficient, some ‘calcium + vitamin D’ composite supplements can be used.\” Wang Weiguo said. Experts also suggest that after the female menstrual period, the experts have changed to the hospital, the gynecological examination in vivo hormone changes, be alert to osteoporosis or menopausal symptoms, and the majority of older groups should do a good job in regular medical examination, and I have an oostable treatment. \”If osteoporosis is there, it is necessary to prevent fractures. Common osteoporosis fractures have spinal fractures, hip fractures, wrist fractures. Once fractures, their complications will have a great harm to patient health.\” Wang Weiguo remind. (Technology Daily Beijing October 19th)

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