What is a pillow height?High standard of pillows?What is the best height of the pillow?

Guide: Many people pay attention to pillow height sleeping pillow more high suitable ? How high should the pillow? How high is the pillow sleep? Indeed, the expert in Tokyo Xichuan reminds you that this is the core problem of the pillow. In the three elements of the pillow, the pillow is highly primarily, and the other two elements are the fill of the pillow and the shape of the pillow. Part 1: Pillow Height Overview: The pillow is high and there is fists saying  there is  height says  two basic theories, currently a high-level basic determinant of a comfortable pillow. Adult pillow actual height: The actual vertical height of the headrest on the pillow, the adult is 8  12 cm is the best. In the actual life, we can also notice that the old people’s pillows are much higher, usually 9 ~ 15cm, in fact, many old people’s pillows are above 12 cm. The actual height of children’s pillows: 0-8cm, for the baby’s development, pay attention to the choice of multi-stage pillows. Part II: High scientific interpretation of the pillow, what is the height of the pillow? In the mind of the average person, the height of the pillow is  refers to the height of the pillow itself, the same as the height of one object is  from the upper portion of the pillow to the bottom vertical height  But in fact, for many of us, the height of the pillow we are looking for and required is not so simple, but refers to  our suitable pillow height   suitable for a person’s pillow height  The pillow net is called this pillow as a  the actual pillow height  how to calculate?  A person’s actual height of the pillow when sleeping; Some people often ask, what is the best pillow? The pillow network believes that there is no so-called unified  Best Pillow Height ,The actual pillow height  because the human physiological parameters are different, because the material and production process of the pillow is different. The pillow height suitable for a person’s body parameters is the most suitable, that is,Best Pillow Height  At present, the pillow has a  fist says  there is height says  two basic theories, these two basic theories are also completely connected.  Fist said : Domestic Many people introduced the experience of accumulation of their own medical practice, pillow’s height of the pillow is consistent with the height of the individual’s fist. This is because the bones of the human bones are reasonable, so that the cervical vertebrae is relaxed, the height of the shoulder is supported, and the height of the fist is proportional to the shoulder. So put the height of the fist as the height of the pillowIt is suitable for proper  It is a study from Japan and the United States. It is found that a person’s pillow height and a number of physiological features of a person are related. For normal people, the height of the pillow is with everyone’s head circumference, fat, The neck is long, and the shoulder width is related, and the pillow is high and the human body has a close relationship. Generally, the height of the spokes is high, the pillow is slightly high. Since a person’s fist is highly difficult, it is difficult to measure, current  height says gradually occupying more advantages. Part III: 2 pillows 2 highly fourth generation gold sleeping post pillows only have the most suitable height, and there is no best height of the so-called pillow. In fact, the theory of the fourth generation of pillows is \u0026 ldquo; a pillow should be two high  pillow head height and cervical range height, low surroundings, in addition to a moderate support head, can also support the neck. The left and right sides are thick, and the side of the body is tailored to the side of the body when the sleep is automatically adapted. Each part of such a model ensures your best sleeping position. Netizens constantly consult how high it is high? How high should the pillow? How is the pillow? How much is the pillow sleep? How high is the pillow? The general netizen said that the best height of the pillow is consistent with the highness of the pillow. This is because the bones of the human bones are reasonable, so that the cervical vertebrae is relaxed, the height of the shoulder is supported, and the height of the fist is proportional to the shoulder. So the height of the fist as the height of the pillow is the most appropriate. The actual situation is that we have no fixed pillow height is the best. Only the most suitable pillows are best for a person, there is no fixed pillow height, and the experts of the Tokyo Xichuan brand sleep pillow said that because everyone’s body parameters are different. In fact, everyone’s pillow is different, and there is virtually no absolute best pillow height, only the most suitable pillows. Therefore, the pillow of Tokyo Xichuan is a custom pillow. By measuring the cervical vertebrae curve, adjust the custom belonging to his own pillow, and the pillow is fully compliant with three support theories, four-partition design, can also adjust the height, buy a pillow Home, it is equivalent to countless high pillows, which one wants to sleep? Next: Spring sleepy autumn lack of summer snoring, less healthy pillow Previous: 2017 China sleep map released – eight% of people sleep deficiency Xichuan Nishikawa to save sleep

2017 China Sleep Map Broken – 80% of the Chinese Sleep Insurance,

2017 China Sleep Map Broadcasting 80% of the Men Sleep Sichuan Nishikawa Sleeping Artifact Save the Sleep Quick Times Footsteps, causing more and more  sleeping for 5 minutes, late 2 hours tragedy, I don’t know when I started, every night Sleeping also slowly become the  luxury As early as the 2012 World Health Organization (WHO), the population of various types of sleep disorders in China accounted for 38.2%, far exceeding the average of 27% of the world. Nowadays, according to the \”2017 Amazon China Sleep Map\”, more than 80% of Chinese sleep time is less than 8 hours, and nearly 8% of respondents are suffering from healthy troubles. Night cats are normal: 80% of sleep for less than 8 hours, US and Australian experts have conducted investigations around 645 cities around the world from 2006 to 2012. The results show that Chinese people have average 10:38 points to sleep, at 7:04 in the morning The average sleep time is 8.66 hours. In 2017, Amazon China’s survey data shows that 81% of Chinese sleep time is less than 8 hours. Near 60% of people usually go to sleep at 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, 46.61% have got up before 7 o’clock in the morning. It is worth noting that 5.56% after learning pressure, the daily sleep time is less than 5 hours, and 40% of the day is more than 4%, and it is impossible to make up at the weekend. National Sleep Map: Sichuan is the latest sleep, Shanghai is the most deficient in this survey, Sichuan has become the latest championship in the country in the country and the most often staying at the list, which should be relatively late with the local sunset and nightlife. However, because of the nightlife, you will sleep in Guangdong, Beijing people choose the highest in the late sleeping, Shanghai people are more willing to stay up late. In addition, the top 5 provinces and cities in the top 5 hours of sleep less than 5 hours are Shanghai, Guangdong, Liaoning, Fujian and Beijing. Interestingly, at the weekend fill, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Henan has at least 30% of respondents say that even if there is not enough sleep, it does not affect the spirit of the weekend. Sleep deprived: Men’s stress, women’s love chase although most people know how to stay up late, they are not conducive to sleep and health, but the survey data is fully displayed, 83.54% of men sleep within 8 hours a day, women are 5 times lower than men percentage point. At the same time, men’s attention to sleep problems is not as good as women. Although the top three reasons of deprived sleep, men are more likely to stay at night, and women love to chase and movies. Moreover, women still have more attention to the endocrine and skin problems that are obviously more concerned about sleep, and still have a weaker self-control and time management capability, far below 14.44%. Therefore, most women choose weekends, and women’s weekends are generally longer than men. Career thirsty sleeping list: I have a deep sea, from this pillow is the passerby, although in historyThe axis is also a global perspective, and hard work is the impression label of the Chinese, but China is increasing in China, and there is still a career choice for cups and more cups. For example, whether the workday or not, energy manufacturing from the industry is a well-deserved \u0026 ldquo; Early Championship \u0026 Rdquo; Form a stark contrast; evening-in-element \u0026 rdquo; advertising / public relations / media person, but 4.11% of people sleep less than 5 hours, 47.21% of people staying up late from work pressure, also proves their list of overtime dog listings The first is not yomant, far more than 20 percentage points of the second IT Internet practitioner. The service industry also said that the tired of the tertiary industry, who knows. Sleeping Constellation: Taurus is the best sleep, the flour fish is not enough to sleep, when you meet the constellation, there is a new metaphysics. In the survey, 94.81% Scorpio staying up late is using electronic products, 37.06% Cancer is because of working or academic, about 15% of Capricorn and Pisces. More than 2% Aries said it is a habitual stay. In the issue of staying up all night, the 3-year Gemini said that it did not feel or did not affect it, but 84.07% Capricorn indicated that there was an impact or impact. In addition, Libra is also shortlisted in the workday morning and the first three of the non-working day. Libra is a small lever with a sleep time, which can be described as a veritable competency. This year is Amazon China to launch \u0026 ldquo in the third consecutive year; National Sleep Status Investigation \u0026 RDQUO; Introducing the US Aerospace Foundation Certified Mattress Tempur Tempur, Japan has a 450-year-old high-end bedding, Nishikawa, Australia, famous Wool wool-Tech manufacturer, Creswick, Thailand, recommended brand Nittaya Nittaya and other international big cards. At this point, Amazon International Sleep Hall has been assembled from more than 3,000 international well-known brands, 27 items, and 27 items in 8 countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, with a total of more than 100,000 high-quality sleep. It is worth mentioning that in order to welcome the 17th World Sleep Day, since March 20th, the Amazon International Sleep Hall will launch more than hundreds of for three consecutive days; the treasure of the super town shop  sniper snapped up, and a week The order is 5% off. When the Amazon Prime member is purchasing sleep prime products, a single order is 200 yuan, and you can enjoy free distribution of cross-border orders, unlimited year. Amazon International Sleep Hall not only provides consumers with one-stop global sleep boutique purchase experience, but also through the attention, investigation and analysis of national sleep quality, continues to bring more comprehensive and considerate sleep for Chinese consumers.Boutique shopping guide and sleep quality improvement service.Tokyo Xichuan resin hose pillow independent quarterly district design, fully take care of all kinds of sleeping positions, each district can also adjust the height separately, break the limitations of the system, and the pillow is no longer unaptured.Novel resin hoses filled, breathable, support, good rebound, hard and hard.Tokyo Xichuan activated carbon soft pipe pillow on the basis of resin hose pillow, the hose adds the essence of prepared, Japan, in addition to the feasible and discipline, and unique supply negative ion function, longcharites are the natural airCleaning machine can generate negative ions to improve sleep.Next: What is a pillow height?High standard of pillows?What is the best height of the pillow?Previous: 3.21 Sleep Day event, healthy sleep is waiting for you

Sleep Day Activities, Healthy Sleep is waiting for you

Sleep disorders have become an important issue affecting the health of modern people. According to the investigation, the top ten occupations, the sleep index score from high to low rankings are civil servants, sales, finance practitioners, blue-collar, teachers, advertising / public relations people, business executives, medical staff, IT practitioners, media people. In order to attract people’s attention to sleep importance and sleep quality, Jingcai family will carry out sleep days, with the purpose of popular sleep knowledge, improve scientific sleep cognition, with Tokyo Xichuan Nishikawa bedding, create natural deep sleep, sleep more than an hour Sleep environment. Sleep Day Activity Store: Jingdong – Xichuan flagship store Tmall – Xichuan Home Textiles Flagship Store Time: March 18th – March 26th Activities: 1. Shopping over 399 yuan to wash the bag, shopping over 799 yuan to send travel neck pillow . 2, new product start, cervical pillow sleep day 399 yuan. 3, Shu Jian Pillow Couple, any two Shu Jian Pillows, for only 988 yuan. 4, shopping over 999 minus 50, full 1599 minus 100, full 2599 minus 300. [Introduction] Nishikawa, Tokyo, Nishikawa, is a household bedding brand, with more than 450 years of history, with the professional, intimate, sincerity of the Sleep Research Institute and Sleeping Support Room, and bring happiness to life. Tokyo Xichuan will create Happy Sleep as our own responsibility, and constantly strive to create a flat, comfortable, surprise bedroom space and bedding function. Next: 2017 China Sleep Map Break – 80% of the Chinese Sleep Laugawa Nishikawa Sleeping Artifact Save Sleep Previous: Such a pillow has been used for a long time, the more you sleep, the more you sleep!

Such a pillow has been used for a long time, and the more you sleep, the more you sleep!

There are about 1/3 of life in life, and sleep is inseparable from the pillow, and the choice of the pillow is also learned. If not suitable, not only affect sleep, but will also affect your health. Choose a suitable pillow to make your body comfortably! For the best height of the pillow, the ancient Chinese traditional Chinese medicine believes: \u0026 ldquo; high size, so that the side is lying in the shoulders, that is, the supine is also comfortable. \u0026 rdquo; Here said the height of the pillow is lying down and the torso is maintained. High pillow may not worry about the relationship with cervical spondylosis, the normal cervical spine is proured, if the pillow can’t fit with the cervical vertebra, it will cause the cervical arc to change, causing abnormalities. High pillow is easy to cause cervical spondylosis: the ancients cloud, high pillow worry-free. However, there are many patients with a lot of pillows in medicine, because she is sleeping too high. High pillow is one of the common causes of pillows and cervical spondylosis. The pillow is too low or no pillows is equally not good for health. Some people have suffered from cervical spondylosis and think that they can benefit to rehabilitation, in fact, this idea is unscientific. No pillows, people are in my supine, they are too long, and they can breathe, and then produce dry mouth, dry tongue, throat pain and snoring phenomenon. If the side here is not a pillow, the neck muscles while the neck can also cause the sputum, pain, and falling pillow due to excessive stretching and fatigue. So the recommended Nishikawa pillow, partition design, no worries in the supine side, but also adjust the height separately, no longer worried that the pillow is too high or too low. Baby pillows, more important children, especially those within one year of age, is an important stage of head development. There is a suitable pillow that is very beneficial to the baby’s head blood circulation, promoting growth and development. At the same time, the baby’s pillow should not be too hard, otherwise it is easy to cause soft head deformation, some cereal materials are biased. In short: Children’s pillows emphasize stage applicability, different pillows should be used each period. According to the development of the baby’s head, adjust it at any time, can not use a pillow from a small, you can’t use the pillow to give your baby more. Pillow size For children, it should be adjusted at time, the children’s pillow of Nishikawa, Xichuan, has a high-level function, auxiliary scale, and reach the most combined child’s cervical spine. Does the pillow do not have Chinese blood? The most common cucumbers in the pillow are most likely to cause disease. Aspergillus is a major infectious factor that leads to death in patients with leukemia and bone marrow transplantation. And for adults with asthma, this fungus will also degrade their condition. After the material sampling studies in the pillow, the researchers found that there is a large number of fungi in the pillow used. There are thousands of fungi spores in each gram pillow, with an average of more than 1 million fungal spores per pillow. . Under the microscope, the fungi in the chemical fiber pillow is particularly obvious. Therefore, the efficacy of antibacterial anti-mite is very important for pillows. Therefore, the hygiene of the pillow filler is necessary to consider, the fillers on the market are not guaranteed,However, the resin hose filling in the Nishikawa pillow in the Tokyo, can be washed, breathable, food grade core, antibacterial anti-mite, and can be clear.Next: 3.21 Sleep Day event, healthy sleep is waiting for you in this: \”Staying up late is equal to the life\”, the pillow is calling you to sleep

the pillow is calling you to sleep

Although the news of the day and night, the news is uncommon, but it is still unable to stop the pace of young people staying up late. Overtime, study, entertainment, insomnia … If you don’t sleep, the reason is different, but the fact that does not compete is, staying up late has become a national life. Take Xiaobian, I slept early, I feel that I have been over an hour, it is uncomfortable. Most of the human self-repair activities are carried out before 3 am, so the quality of sleep quality of 23:00 to 3point is especially critical. During this time, I have been sleeping for a long time, it is difficult to make up for the loss of staying up late. In addition, there is a very poor domestic sleep quality, and it is more difficult to quickly enter deep sleep. Friends who have been staying up late on the weekend must feel this feeling. We are too comfortable to sleep, just choose to sleep? Obviously not. Sleep is a little lanting, very harmonious feeling, naturally, usually we can’t refuse, , then wake up with abundant energy. It is hidden in this kind of harmony, and it is endless retaliation after breaking the law. Long-term staying night is an important means of trying to break the law and fight against the sky. In addition to the situation in which you have sleep disorders, we can divide the initiative to stay up late: the first, 7-8 hours a day, sleep time is not reduced, just sleep late late. This situation is 22: 00 6: 00 sleep really better than 2:00 \u0026 ndash; 10:00 is more beneficial to health? Summary, that is, late sleepers are easier to contaminate bad habits (unhealthy diet and tobacco and alcohol), it is more prone to depression, and bring risks, although it is not clear what this risk is. (Destroying the day and night physiological rhythm of human naturally formed work, hormone balance signal and circadian rhythm highly associated) second, long-term staying night, and insufficient sleep time. The consequences of this long-term stay is absolutely harmful and serious. Borrowing Wikipedia’s map summarizes: So, don’t stay up late, sudden death, sub-health, the traffic accident caused by the psychic, and learn to control himself. In line with sleep needs, it is not responsible for his health, and does not live up to their feelings. This is not, the two pillows below are mourning, go to sleep so much. Pursuing quality life, not just on the one hand. One full day, starting from healthy sleep; care for neck, scientific sleep, starting from Xichuan Nishikawa sleep; get rid of sub-health, enjoy quality life, start now. Next: Such a pillow has been used for a long time, and the more you sleep, the more you sleep! Previous: How high pillow is best for cervical vertebrae?

How high pillows is best for cervical vertebra?

How high pillows is best for cervical vertebra? Cervical maintenance, heavy in daily. So, how do we strengthen cervical care in weekdays? Change a good sleeping pillow is a good choice. Scientific pillow law \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; pillow is not as pillow pillow, pillow, pillow is head, in fact, this is wrong. In terms of strict sense, we should be a pillow when he is sleeping, not a pillow. I used to put forward the pillow to revolution, I have revolution, don’t call the pillow, want to call a pillow or neck pillow. why would you said this? Because the cervical vertebra is suspended when the pillow is sleepy, it is responsible for protecting the ligament of the cervical vertebra, the muscles, juanle caps, etc. If it is stimulated to the vertebral artery and the spinal nerve, there will be insufficient blood supply, dizziness, headache, insomnia, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone chooses a suitable cervical pillow while sleeping, placed under the neck to maintain normal physiological curvature of the cervical vertebrae. What should I do if there is no cervical pillow around? You can also do a simple cervical pillow yourself. How do you do it? With a large towel or a bath towel, roll into a cylindrical shape, must be tight, then the pad is in the neck. How high is the volume? In general, the boy is preferably 7 cm, and adults should be 8 ~ 9 cm. Of course, not necessarily a thousand articles will be done according to a standard, and the height of the cervical pillow must be suitable for self-comfort. For our Chinese, the habits of thousands of years have been difficult to change. Therefore, there is still more people who are willing to stick to vintage sleeping pillows. But what kind of sleep pillow, the shape of the sleeping pillow, the high and low dimensions, filling materials and hardness are appropriate to directly related to our cervical spine. So, how can cervical vertebrass to choose a sleeping pillow suitable for you, minimize the degree of damage to the cervical spine? Beware! High-pillow and low pillows are murderous cervical spine patients sleeping high, whether it is supine or lateral lying, will cause the cervical vertebra from harm. why would you said this? When we sleep, when the body is in the supine state, the physiological curvature of the neck should be kept reasonably (ie, the front convex), and once the pillow is too high, and when the shape of the pillow is unreasonable, it will cause the neck. . The neck is in front of the cervical vertical ligament, yellow ligament, astringe ligament, and accent ligaments in a tension, and the excessive muscle tension in the belonging of the belongings. At this time, it is in the vertebrae in the upper portion. The upper part of the joints on the lower vertebrae, causing the joint surface to be disadvantaged, the joint capsule is nervous, and it will eventually have a series of cervical vertebra symptoms due to spinal cord, nerve root, and vertebral artery. Cervical vertebrae patients have long slept, and they will also change the cervical spine physiology. When you sleep, the cervical cervical sphere is in an over-reaching state. The physiological bend exceeds normal and excessive convex. At this time, the upper vertebral body is poured, the rear of the intervertebral disc fiber ring is pressed, the front is pulled, the nucleus is moved forward, Longitudinal ligament is tense. Long-term low pillows can result in fatigue of front vertical ligaments to form chronic damage. The function of the front vertical ligament is to prevent the spine from being tried, once it is slowSexual injury, its guards will be greatly reduced, which may have a vertebral shift error, and increase cervical spondylosis under certain induction. How high-high sleeping pillows are suitable, the appropriate height of the cervical spondylosis patients is 8 ~ 9 cm and the length is 50 ~ 60 cm, but the specific size is also due to the physiological characteristics of each person, especially the neck. Fixed. Shoulder widget fatists can sleep slightly, while thin people can be slightly lower. Sleep habits also have an impact on the height of the sleep pillow, people who are used to sleep, their sleeping pillow should be equal to their own fist height (the height of the boxing of fists in fists) is appropriate; People, their sleeping pillow should be consistent with their own shoulders of the shoulders after compression. Of course, no matter whether you can sleep, you can keep your neck normal life-neck sleeping pillow is ideal. In general, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma sometimes need to sleep; suffering from low blood pressure, anemia sometimes needs to sleep low. How to judge your sleeping pillow is still low? The method is very simple: if the disease is dismissive, the neck pain, headache, dizziness, tinnitus and insomnia, or sleep is numb, it is very likely that your sleeping pillow is too high. If you don’t drink water before going to sleep, but after waking up, you can find the face edema, which may be too low, causing a slight congestion in the head. The sleeping pillow is too low, the jaw will therefore lift up, easy to open breathing, and the situation of snoring. The breathability and elasticity of sleeping pillows are also very important in Chinese medicine. The research of modern medicine shows that when people are in sleep, the temperature of the head is 2 to 3 degrees Celsius than the temperature of the trunk, which is a physiological natural requirement of human body. This requires our choice of sleep pillows to have certain breathability and heat dissipation effects to ensure that our sleep is smooth. In addition, a good sleeping pillow is still moderate. Because of the hard sleeping pillow, the contact area of \u200b\u200bthe sleeping pillow and the neck is reduced, the pressure is increased, and it feels uncomfortable; but if the sleep pillow is too soft, it is difficult to maintain a certain height, the cervical muscle is easy to fatigue, and it is not conducive to sleep, and The head is in which blood circulation will affect the blood circulation. What kind of sleeping pillow is ideal? We traditionally habitually fill in the sleeping pillow, which is a good choice. In addition, the filling of the necrosis, silk, grain, etc. also good. These sleeping pillows can ensure good ventilation, elasticity, and the effect of heat cooling. Many cervical spine patients always try to find all kinds of panacea, in fact, good medicine is in our sleeping pillows. It’s better to choose a tank medicine, it is better to choose a good sleeping pillow, and make our sleeping pillow are the best medicine for the cervical vertebra. Tokyo Xichuan Nishikawa healthy sleep pillow, carrying 450 years of essential, unique sleep concept, with scientific structure design, creating sleeping pillows suitable for themselves, scientific and healthy, what are you waiting for?Next: \”Staying up late is equal to the life\”, the pillow is calling you to sleep Previous: [Before buying a pillow must see] How to choose a pillow?

How to choose a pillow?

How to choose a pillow? You don’t know, there are a lot of pillows, enough, be sure to add more than the pillow, know what kind of pillow is good, in order to buy the pillow suitable for you, suitable for the body, know, a healthy pillow, will accompany us Year time. Suitable for your own pillow, you have to know how high the pillow is right, and there is a lot of sayings, such as fist saying , the height, etc. The size of the pillow, the pillow is too high, and the pillow is not suitable is the problem. So how do you choose a pillow? This will be customized, our pillows and clothes, need  Washed body tattoo  Pillow. Learn about your sleep pose, many people are suffering from the pillow, and even a   in the morning, there is no problem, of course, causing a cold, fell, neck pain, etc. The reason for this problem is that there is a problem, some people like to sleep, some like to sleep, some people are not honest, which has the corresponding requirements for the partition and pillow size of the pillow. There are no scientific basis on the market, and there is no scientific basis, more focused on the pillow’s filler, however, the shape and design of the pillow are also very important. It is necessary to sleep with the respective design of sleep and sleep. Don’t be  propaganda  filler deception mentioned above the various fillers on the domestic market, their products, main focus lies in the superiority of the filler, in fact, this is essentially from the identity of the pillow. To know, the ancient pillows, in addition to the shape, it can be solid or grass, jade.  Promoting  Is the filler is really amazing? Obviously not so credible, especially in Chinese herbal medicine, etc., is the need for a drug pillow  In summary, you need to pay attention to you, including the height of the pillow, sleep posture and pillow design, as well as a pillow filler, scientific, health. So, what brand of pillow is good? There is only one answer, Japan tokyo, Nishikawa, Nishikawa, healthy pillow, independent quadrared district, take care of late sleep and look back, and partition independently adjust the height, new food grade resin hose, gas permeability, circulation, rebound support is excellent, And can be washed, safe and hygienic. Jingdong, Tmall Xichuan flagship store is available. Next: How high pillows is best for cervical vertebrae? Previous: Is the face sleep in this direction? Unfortunately, most of them know …

What is the face to sleep in this direction

Sleeping is one of us to do, which allows us to get our high-speed brain and body get a break, let our body are full of energy in life and work in the next day. 1/3 and sleep of life, so insomnia is a painful and changing. And what do you want to pay attention to getting health and longevity by sleep? Today, we will learn about the impact of sleeping to human health in different directions, as well as different sleeping positions on health. The influence of the head in the four directions to the body is now living in the commercial housing. Some homes have set the direction for the bed, which is really good for health? Below, look at the Chinese medicine to sleep and face how to explain . 1. Many people in the first north life discover the sleeping direction of the first northern feet, can improve insomnia, improve appetite, energetic. The interpretation of Chinese medicine is the consistency of the direction of the human meridian and the direction of geomagnetic, so, in order to sleep, it should be natural, so that blood is smooth, so sleeping. 2. The head is facing the south of the south and facing the north sleep direction, but the operation of the blood and blood meridians is balanced, and it is also conducive to the body’s metabolism and circulation. However, in my country, there are Northern Heights, the head is sleeping in the south, and the head is too short to cause a lot of blood flowing into the head. It affects the blood circulation of the head. The blood vessel is easily congested. In the morning, there will be dizziness, the phenomenon of eyelids. 3. The head is in the east, and the head is sleeping in the east, and the head is in the east. It is a smooth health. \u0026 rdquo; It thinks the Oriental Lord is a hair, and the head is the meeting of Zhuyang, the head is sleeping in the East, the human body is easy to get yang, and the yang will not leak. 4. Of course, some people will also advocate the head to sleep in the west, which is because the human body is different in every season’s health method. It is the so-called \u0026 ldquo; spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter. \u0026 rdquo; So, sleep in the autumn and winter season, more beneficial to nourishing yin and moistening the body. In addition, some people have proposed their heads to sleep because of the opposite of the Earth’s autobiography, exhaustion, nightmare and insomnia. However, modern science believes that the direction of sleep is relatively weak, and it is negligible, and the phenomenon of sleep is good or poor sleep is a psychological and habit. Instead, various sleeping positions have an impact on health. The four sleeping positions on the body’s advantage 1. Left bedroom strength  First, the body is a bow-shaped, which is conducive to the relaxation of the muscles and the rest of the organs. Second, the right lung of the human body is 3 leaves, and more oxygen can be absorbed when the left is lying, which is conducive to the metabolism of human cells. Further, if pregnant women can improve the left side, improve the right-handed uterus, increase the parent to the fetal octivial amount. Disadvantages  First, the heart is on the left, the left side is easy to oppress the heart, and it is easy to have insufficient blood supply, especially the blood supply to the right brain. Second, the human artery is easy to distort, which will cause cerebral thumb to eliminate this hidden patient.Patient, it is best to choose a suitable pillow and supine sleep mode. Further, heart disease, gastric disease, acute liver disease, gallbladder stones, etc. should not be used to lying on the left. 2. The right side of the right side has been recognized by the health person, and the right side is here to be a lion ring. Advantage \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; First, the body’s muscles are relaxed, and it is conducive to the cultivation and rest of the organs. Second, the right side can also reduce the burden of the cardiac, the blood supply is sufficient to the liver, and people with gastric disease are also suitable for the right side. Baby right side can also reduce spit milk. Disadvantages \u0026 mdash; the lungs are oppressed and the oxygen absorption may be insufficient. Pregnant women, pneumatic difficulties and people with problems with the spine should not take the right side of the right sleeper for a long time. 3. Old-shelf   First, the amount of oxygen in the lungs increases, and the balance of blood supply, which is conducive to the metabolism of human cells, brain fatigue to restore and prevent cardiovascular disease. Second, avoid the production of face wrinkles and the sagging of female chest. Disadvantages \u0026 mdash;  muscles do not relax, hands easily on the chest, there is a phenomenon of mad dreams and breathing. 4. Prospects \u0026 mdash; The only advantage of squatting sleep is to avoid snoring. Dragons \u0026 mdash; First, heart lung is oppressed, leading to breathing and intact. Second, sleeping is easy to oppress the eye, and the eye is congestive and the eye pressure increase. Secondly, the heart rate of sleeping the body is easy to decline, the brain is insufficient. It is also not conducive to women’s chest development. Conclusion: We can get rest and health by sleep, but the sleep method is wrong, and it will also harm your health. Choose a healthy pillow, not to slow, look forward to, next, how to choose a pillow. Next: [Must see before buying a pillow] How to pick a pillow? Previous: Experts teach you how to choose the right pillow

The pillow you don’t know is here

The pillow you don’t know is a small pillow here, but it contains various or scientific, or traditional, or historical factors. When he is sleeping in the ancient world, there is a prototype of the pillow, from the wood to the stone, from the casual to the active grinding, the shape of the pillow, and the height of different periods will also appear different changes. Today’s pillows are domestically, all kinds of fillers, shapes, functional layers, but can you distinguish between them? Really healthy pillow, do you know what conditions should you have? Let’s take a look. First, as a pillow, the most obvious is highly problem, the ancient pillows are very high, slowly, people understand that the height of the pillow is impact on the cervical vertebra, and gradually optimizes the height of the pillow, and the domestic, general thinking pillow height 9-11CM is the best, in fact, this is the lack of professional sleep research institutions in China, lack of scientific theory support. Foreign professional sleep research institutions pointed out that the height of the pillow is absolutely based on each person’s cervical vertebrae, and the system pillow is satisfied. It can only adapt to the pillow, resulting in cervical discomfort. Custom pillows is the key to solving the highness of the pillow. Second, the pillow filler is in the long river of history, innovation, from grass, stone, jade, to today’s buckwheat, down, fiber cotton, and recently hot latex, these new filled things are promoting different effects, even even \u0026 Ldquo; pillow \u0026 rdquo; And these new fills, functional outstanding, but for pillows, the desired filler should be supported, hard and hard, breathable, long-term bans, of course, this requires new filler, recently, foreign research and development A resin hose is very excellent as a filler. Finally, the pillow presents different shapes in different development stages. Domestic average pillows, thousands of strange shapes, there is no scientific basis, and as a sleeping pillow, the most basic thing is to meet different sleep postures, which is also the vast majority of the pillows that have not been thought and have. The height of the pillow, the size of the pillow size, is made with the shape of the pillow. Here is the healthy sleeping pillow of Nishikawa, Tokyo, this unique four-partition design, all partitions independently adjust the height, fully considering the falling posture of sleeping and going down, I want to sleep. How to sleep. Said so much, about how to choose a pillow, I believe it has a certain understanding, which is generally summarized as a pillow height, pillow size, pillow filler, pillow shape partition. Domestic products that meet these conditions are almost no, and there is not enough brand support, and corresponding scientific support is also very lacking. Foreign brands Tokyo Nishikawa, 450 years of history, to ensure their healthy sleep pillow, rich experience and scientific research theory, so that Xichuan sleeps, becomes the most scientific and healthy sleeping pillow in the industry.Next: Experts teach you how to choose the right pillow Previous: See here, open your health trip

Sleep quality determines the quality of life, will you sleep?

Sleep is an indispensable physiological phenomenon in humans. In the life of the person, sleep accounted for nearly 1/3, its quality and bad relationship with the human health, in a sense, the quality of sleep determines the quality of life. 1. Before the child, be sure to sleep \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; sleeping is the first big thing in life. If you don’t sleep at night (equivalent to 11 o’clock at night; 1 in the next morning), many old doctors will say:  do not give you.  It is actually not giving it, but it is not good. 2, I should not think about it. I should not think about it.  Mdash;  depending on this or not, or if the sugar is in water, first, the big toe, then the other toes, then the foot, the calf, the thigh is gradually melting, and finally the Wushen, Naturally fell asleep . 3, nunis should sleep or sit in the gods  mdash; mdash; noon (equivalent to 11am to 1 noon), at this time, if the conditions are limited, you can’t sleep, you can sit in the moment, close your eyes. The Zen Master who meditated in the meditation hall is accustomed to taking a nap at noon. 4, sleep must be early  mdash;  mdash; the monk is the life of the morning, even in winter, it will not get up at 6 o’clock in the morning, and try to get up before 5 o’clock in spring and summer. For the human body health, it is good to get a new metabolism for the human body. Sleeping, don’t bring your watch, watch your watch, not only shorten the service life of your watch, but also not health. Because the watch (especially the luminous table) has radium radiation, the amount is very slight, but the accumulation of long time can lead to adverse consequences. 2, fake tooth is sleeping with dentures, if accidents, often swallowing the dentures in the sleep. In addition, the iron hook of the denture may pierce the aortic bow next to the food, causing large bleeding or even life. Moreover, sleeping with dentures also affects the quality of sleep. 3, bra with a bra sleep will affect development, affecting blood circulation, is also easy to cause breast cancer. Generally speaking, women wearing bras should not exceed 8 hours a day. 4, glasses general frame glasses will pick up, but some people who wear contact lenses may be too lazy to pick them up, so it is very disadvantageous to your eyes. The eye is breathing. If you don’t pick the hidden roll lens when you sleep, the cornea is deficient, and if anaerobic bacteria is caused, it causes inflammation, which is more serious. 5, the face makeup will block your skin pores, causing sweat secretion disorders, hindering cell breathing, and induces acne, damage to face. 6, mobile phone, such as color TV, refrigerator, mobile phone, etc. In the use and operation, there are a large amount of different wavelengths and frequencies of electromagnetic waves to form an electron fog, long-term infection, which will affect people’s nervous system. Leading the disorders of physiological functions. Natural wake-up method recommended 1, try to get up every day, no 6 weeks, actual sleep pace will be with your physiological rhythmsymbol. So don’t go back to sleep back, this will make the physiological rhythm more confusing, once open eyes, don’t hesitate to get up. It should be noted that even if you have to maintain such a law on weekends, you will have a grinding in the grinding in Monday. 2, the sun will be in a bad thing if you get rid of you, so let’s help you. Because those full-spectral sun can regulate blood amazo and melatonin in the blood in the blood. When it is illuminated by light, the serotonin will speed up the body’s metabolism, and I will want to sleep early. I will get up early. If you don’t have a way to get up early in the morning, you can pull it in the sun, you can pull the curtains, let the sun come in, or prepare a bright light, the alarm should open. Persevere, one day you will find that you will get up in the spirit before the alarm clock. 3, there is no one who is easy to follow the alarm clock that is accompanied by many years, because the brain habits ignore the familiar sound, so you can prepare multiple alarms to use, or wake yourself with music, because the concert promotes the oxygen in the brain The flow of blood allows the body to talk. If you want to boost the viol, you can choose the music like Mozart violin concerto; you want to be energetic early, you can choose a dance. 4, after deep breathing, first sucking, just like the whole body is lifted, then spit out, stop 2 seconds, then do it once, let the body full of fresh air, one day It is also easy to win. 5, after the water is getting up, drink the cup of warm water soon will let the body know that the new day begins, and then the toilet will discharge the old waste substance will make the body feel comfortable. 6, fragrant flavor will also stimulate the brain, improve the perceptual function, and drive away sleepiness and fatigue. So someone cooks coffee early, wake yourself with coffee. If you have a vanilla plant on your balcony, you can also pick a mint soaking in the washing table, and the mint has the effect of promoting blood circulation, which is also beneficial to the skin. 7, the sweetness will always feel the dizzy steering, because after the digestion of the night, there is no nutrition in the brain, the energy source of the brain is glucose, then add sweet food, such as bananas, Apple, there will be Effect. Try it, the wonderful morning is waiting for you! Next: See here, open your health travel Previous: Pillow customization, you need to pay attention to some knowledge