Cold and cold! \”Changing season\” cool down cold warm keep warm this

The left hand held a high-foot cup, holding a thermal cup; the longest night, apply the most expensive mask; today, the barbecue string, tomorrow, vegetable salad … This kind of dangerous life is harmful to health care, said by netizens For \”punk health\”. In recent years, \”punk is raised\” in many young people. Fried chicken with black tea, can be placed, Di Dai knee, beer plus … It looks behind that the behavior of screwing, the real reflects the complicated mentality of young people – I want to do what I want, enjoy, I want disease, healthy. How does the fish and bear’s palm have? The emergence of \”punk health\” seems to have provided a two-whole solution solution. Really two? Health is not a mathematical question, and a positive and negative can cancel each other. After hurting the body, I will carry out remedies, no more than the dead sheep, not only the effect is minimal, but may even be counterproductive. I often stay up late, there is research suggest that it will not only make memory, but also can’t concentrate, it will also cause the immune function to decline, causing obesity, induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, this is a few masks to make up? From this point of view, \”punk health\” is not healthy, just seek self-comfort. Some people think that \”punk health\” \”\” punk health \”is better than that, at least, don’t do anything better? As everyone knows, while health is equal to repeatedly tossing your body. \”Punk Health\”, it looks for health, but its current role is to let people be safely tossing the body. If you have long, there is a \”punk\” to shame, it may make people more unscrupulous \”punk\”, to hurt or have their own health. In fact, \”punk health\” quietly popped up, reflecting the attention and concerns of their own health status. Social development society seems to give everyone to \”fast forward\”, young people are pulled up, rush all the way, in this state, develop healthy lifestyle is not an easy task. At the same time, the pressure accumulated in the daytime learning work is not found to vent the right path, which is easy to choose to retaliate staying up late. In order to make up for the uneasiness generated after staying up late, some people have become a equipment control, thermal insulation cup, health pot, soaked bucket, cervical massage instrument, etc., and some people become a food supplement party, grape seed capsule, anti-sugar pill, fading Megin, protective liver flakes, etc. All … In order to cope with healthy anxiety, young people do not hesitate, not afraid of money, invisibly gave birth to hundreds of billions of health care market. However, it is necessary to be vigilant that the health products are not a drug, some of the health products \”of the\” Nightguard \”\” Nothing \”,\” Night Effect \”\” Natural \”flag, may contain the harmful components of the visceral, some may Grab the liver and kidney burden. Experts remind, do not take medicine, do not abuse health products are the most important way to protect the body. In this point, \”punk health\” is likely to lose health and hurt the wallet, it is not the correct opening of health! Everyone is the first responsible person of their own health. How to deal with pressure and anxiety in modern society, how to careKang management is a compulsory course for each young person.The simplest and effective health method is to cultivate healthy lifestyle, try to regularize, not staying up late to chase the mobile phone, do not overeating drinking big wine … insisting on developing habits for a while, will find health is around us.

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