Do these sports after meals; do not eat easy food, easy to breathe

Some people think that you should not exercise immediately after a meal, and the quiet rest is the way of health. However, some people think that after the meal, the exercise will help digestion to prevent fat accumulation. Is it appropriate to move after a meal? Experts say, do these sports after meals, not only can’t eat, but it is easy to cause the stomach. Why is our stomach sag? First let’s simply understand what is a stomach. The normal people’s organs are relatively fixed. The stomach is also the same, which is suspended under the diaphragm, and is fixed by toughness between other organs. Abdominal muscles and intrauterine are supported below. The normal position of the stomach relies on these factors, so the stomach hanging is because these factors are unable to play, such as diaphragm-sensitive power, the organs support ligament relaxation, low intraperitoneal internal pressure, abdominal muscle relaxation, low gastric tension, low stomach tension, etc. However, when people stand, the position of the stomach will fall. When the stomach is large, the lowest point of the stomach bending curve is lowered below the iliac cable, which is the gastric sag of the medicine. In addition, the stomach is not just the position of the stomach is lower than the normal abdominal cavity, but must also be lowered by the weakness of neuromuscular system. After the meal, the stomach is not as good as we mentioned above. When the normal physiological location of the fixed stomach can no longer function properly, it may cause the stomach. In addition, factors such as personal physique, physical strength, exercise, surgery can also cause the stomach. Its susceptible population is mainly skinny, long-term, and consumable diseases are performed. After people eat, the blood flow of the digestive system will increase the digestion and absorption of food. When we carry light physical activity, the blood supply affects the blood supply of the stomach is not very large, but when we carry strenuous exercise, the blood will Redistribution, increase the blood of the limbs and torso muscles, leading to insufficient blood supply to the gastrointestinal air, the peristalsis of the stomach will be reduced, and the digestive absorption is deteriorated, and the load of the stomach increases, thereby hanging down under the action of gravity. So, what sports is easy to cause a stomach? Running is a universal movement, but when we run, we will continue to pull the ligament of the stomach due to the body’s fluctuations, and the stomach is in a load, and it will make the gastric strap will be loose, resulting in the stomach . So after the meal, we must try to avoid playing basketball, playing football, running, etc., and protects our stomach. There is at least the 5th syndrome, which is usually in the middle of the medium. When the stomach is drooping, the normal function of the stomach is affected, and the patient will have insufficient gastrointestinal motility and poor dyspepsia. For most mild stomach, there is no obvious discomfort, but the medium or more patients with moderate hypotomy may appear: 1. Sense of upper abdomen: the patient will feel that the stomach has a crane, and the abdomen can be done , Long stand, fatigue, etc., flat lying can be relieved; 2. Abdominal pain: mainly pain, lasting is long, frequent, often in me, excessive eating or activity can make pain aggravated; 3. Nausea vomiting : Usually because after eatingThe activity is caused, and the eating will also increase the symptoms; 4. Constipation: Most of the stubbornness, may be caused by cross-colonal hanging; 5. Digestive system: patients with gastric saga caused nutritional intake and mental burden So often have symptoms such as thin, fatigue, low blood pressure, palpitations, dizziness and other symptoms. It’s hard to get self-healing but usually, it is not possible to save it. And for the stomach, it is lacking effective treatment. Therefore, patients with gastric sagging need to pay attention to their own adjustments in the usual life, mainly can be relieved by physical exercise and improving eating habits: for example, eat more nutritious, easy to digest, small food, less cold, irritating Food, this can reduce the stimulation and burden on the stomach, thereby improving symptoms, preventing the condition to be aggravated; Through full body exercise such as Tai Chi, health exercise, swimming, abdominal muscle exercise such as abdominal wall, sit-ups, abdominal breathing, etc. to strengthen their original relaxed muscles, which helps improve the condition. Treatment of gastric sagging, recommendation in the Clinic: Gastroenterology, Chinese Medicine, General Surgery. 1. Internal medicine treatment: mainly for mild patient patients, including supplemental nutrition, promoting digestion, and improving gastrointestinal motility, to relieve symptoms, reducing the burden on the stomach to achieve treatment purposes. 2. Treatment of Chinese medicine: mainly includes Chinese medicine treatment, acupuncture therapy, massage treatment and tackle care. 3. Surgical treatment: For patients with more severe or acute gastric droop, drug treatment is not sufficient to relieve symptoms, and need surgery, mainly the gastric partial resection. During your day, let your stomach live so in your daily life, in order to reduce your stomach, what do we need to pay attention to? First of all, we should not exercise immediately after the meal. He should take a rest for a while. Second, when we eat, it is best not to eat too much, especially those who have a digestive function, which can prevent indigestion in the stomach food. In addition, it is to avoid heavy physical labor and strenuous exercise. Otherwise, it will easily lead to an increase in stomach pressure, which produces huge impulses on the stomach wall, and aggravates the degree of weight hanging. Finally, we must maintain a good physical and mental health and eating habits, eat less meals, chew slowly, eat more, easy to digest, nutritious food. Text / Liu Xinjuan (Beijing Chaoyang Hospital)

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