Do you know your own heart?Protect your heart to eat these five foods!

Everyone often said that the 30-year-old body, 60-year-old heart, although it is a bit exaggerated, but it is not unfounded. Due to unreasonable diet and work, many people are \”unidentified\”. According to the recent data released by the National Cardiovascular Disease Center, Chinese cardiovascular patients have exceeded 300 million, of which high blood pressure is most common, reaching 245 million. There is a very simple method here to help you calculate your own \”heart age\”. Factors to the heart: Hypertension (+5 years); smoking (+4 years); have a history of heart disease (+1 years); male (+3); like to stay upset (+4 years); heavy taste +2 years old; love to eat meat (+3 years); habits to sit (+4 years old); obesity (+4 years old); a favorable factor for heart: resting heart rate \u003c75 times / min (-2 years old); The mentality is peaceful, not impatient (-3 years old); love nuts (-2 years old); exercise 30 minutes per day (8 years old). How is your heart is not a lot? Don’t be nervous, this is just a small game. In fact, prevention is the best treatment. At present, the scientific community is generally believed that unreasonable diet is the greatest cause of cardiovascular disease, what to eat, how to eat to the heart? There are many studies that the Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is not to say that you should take a Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean diet is characterized by rich fruits and vegetables, water products, dairy products, nuts, and olive oil, red wine, and refined grain, fried food, sugar and dessert, sugar-containing drinks. Combined with China’s Dietary Guide, the following is the \”healthy food\” you need to eat: 1. Whole grain, potato, hemers (excluding soybeans). This is the foundation of the Chinese residents’ meal tower, which is the staple food. They contain more dietary fibers and vitamins, minerals, much better than the neckweed, strong enough, slow sugar, and smooth. 2. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Especially dark vegetables (red, yellow, purple, dark green), apple, orange, kiwi, strawberry, etc. have a high nutrient density. Note that potatoes are not vegetables, more like staple food. 3. Aquatic product. In average, the Chinese people have a little less, and there may be a certain relationship with the price and geographical environment. Freshwater fish and sea fish can be, which is more healthy, especially in most unsaturated fatty acids. 4. Dairy products, soy products (mainly finger soy). For Chinese, whenever milk, yoghurt, cheese, but try not to drink sugar milk drinks. In addition, there is no need to pursue \”plant milk\”, it is better to drink soy milk and eat tofu, and the price is cheap. 5. Nuts. One small nuts (the best) every day is beneficial, although the fat is fat, but unsaturated fat, dietary fiber and minerals are rich, and it is strong. Of course, it is unhealthy in a big pile of melon seeds. In addition, olive oil in the Mediterranean area is in place, olive oil is nothing more than oleic acid content, and there are high oleic acid oil, vegetable oil, tea oil and other varieties. The most important thing to eat oil is the amount of control, not what oil is eating. The collected selection of the harmonic oil and soybean oil, vegetable oil and other single varieties have no essential difference; \”\” Wine is good for health \”is the red wine businessman\” confusingThe concept of heart, including resveratrol, etc. Don’t be true. Drinking, no matter how much, less danger is not obvious. In addition to the above, exercise is very important to heart health, especially the middle intensityIt can promote heart and lung function very well. Doctor’s recommendation is to exercise 30 minutes a day. If you do not exercise, it is recommended to step by step. (Zhong Kekin Food \u0026 Nutrition Information Exchange Center Director)

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