Don’t sleep?Hot bath and thick blanket arrangement

I can’t sleep well, I can’t sleep, what is simple, don’t have to take medicine, can have a good way? There are two studies: the covered blanket is a little bit, or take a hot bath before going to bed, you can sleep well! The study of Swedish Carlins Card Medical Institute published found that only the thick blanket thickness of the covered blanket will help improve sleep, and also reduce depression and anxiety. This study included 120 adults for more than 2 months, and a group of people covered with 6 to 8 kg of aggravated blankets, and another group of people were 1.5 kg of chemical fiber blankets. And these participants combine depression, bipolarism, agony or anxiety. As a result, it was found that more than 10 people \”disappeared\” blankets were too exactly, others were significantly reduced using heavy blankets, and nearly six admire report insomnia severity index at least 50%. The covering sleeve is only 5.4% of the symptoms of insomnia. In addition, 42.2% of the cover thick blankets were relieved after 4 weeks, while the people capped the flaws were only alleviated. Why is the thick blanket have such a big \”magic\”? The researchers believe that this is because thickened blankets imitate the feeling of being embracted and stroke, adding a sense of security; in addition, this pressure stimulates the excitement of the deputy-siegery nerve, which in turn makes the body to relax. Regarding the problem of taking a bath before going to bed, the University of Texas, the University of Texas, through the 5322 studies, wash a warm bath for 40 ° C to 42.5 ° C for 1 to 2 hours before going to bed, helping to sleep as soon as possible, and improve sleep quality. Researchers say that taking a hot bath will help adjust the \”temperature circadian rhythm\”, improve blood circulation, enhance body heat dissipation ability, reduce core body temperature, and promote sleep. Already in autumn, wash a hot bath, then cover a thick quilt, is it more sleeping? Text / Yang Jingang (China Academy of Sciences, China Hospital)

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