Fitness must give up snacks? These fitness common sense you need to know

As people’s living standards continue to improve, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of fitness and diet, and with it, there are many health problems caused by the wrong fitness and diet habits. So, how can we achieve reasonable fitness?

Fitness misconceptions to avoid

Fitness people can not eat staple foods: fitness people in order to gain muscle, choose not to eat staple foods, but a lot of eating beef, chicken breast, eggs, protein powder, a long time will increase the burden on the internal organs. The public should establish the correct concept of fitness, maintain muscle health conditions while not overly increase muscle, reasonable protein supplementation, to ensure the intake of staple foods and trace elements.

Fitness crowd can not eat snacks: this concept is not accurate. In fact, we just need to do will choose snacks, you can eat with confidence. Choose snacks with high nutrient density and small size, such as nuts, contains a variety of carbohydrates, protein, energy, minerals and other nutrients required by the body. And three meals, supplemented by a small amount of snacks is also very important ability to replenish the way.

Different sports correspond to meals also have a difference

Long-distance running, long-distance cycling, long-time swimming are all aerobic energy-consuming exercise. Because of the long time, energy accumulation consumption, sweating, so aerobic exercise first of all, we must consume sufficient energy, to ensure a reasonable proportion of carbohydrates, to maintain the body’s blood sugar level appropriate. Secondly, pay attention to water replenishment, prevent dehydration, but also pay attention to increase the intake of micronutrients such as calcium and iron.

Weight lifting, short distance cycling, short distance fast swimming is anaerobic energy-consuming exercise, which is characterized by short duration and high intensity, which requires the body to consume enough protein. In daily life this kind of fitness people need to eat more vegetables and fruits, supplement carbohydrates, while supplementing electrolyte drinks.

Inadequate nutrition in the case of fitness, not only will have an impact on our mental state, over time will also be a great burden on internal organs. Therefore, the blind pursuit of bone beauty and muscle beauty are not allowed, diet and nutrition, reasonable fitness, to achieve a balanced diet to achieve the most perfect fitness state.

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