How does cervical spondylosis choose a pillow?

What kind of pillow is suitable for cervical spondylosis, cervical pillow is good, buckwheat pillow is good, can cervical spine can’t treat cervical spondylosis? Choose a suitable pillow for cervical spondylosis and cervical spondylosis (such as teachers, white-collar workers, medical workers, etc.) are very important. Can you really worry about high? Normal people sleep pillow, whether it is supine or lateral lying, will change the physiological state of the cervical spine to make some local muscles in the neck. Over time, the neck muscles will have a strain, contracture, which has caused minor changes in the cervical position, causing the neck nerve roots and blood vessels, stimulating or oppression, and reflective spasm, and even cause the brain to supply blood supply, neck, shoulder, back, Armar pain or dizziness, headache, loss of vision, tinnitus, nausea, hearing loss and other symptoms. High pillows will increase the neck and chest angles, so that the tracheal ventilation is blocked, which can cause pulpion, sore throat and nose. High pillow can also make the chest muscles have long been tense, the chest is pressed, and the normal breathing is damaged. It will definitely give adverse effects to the body. High pillow, thin, low pillow? Obviously, the pillow that has been accompanied by our long-term is not too low. The pillow is too low, the head position is low, the head blood vessel is easily congested, and the head will often feel swelling, the beauty will find that the face is actually edema! When the pillow is too low, the muscles of the neck cannot be relaxed. Light, we will feel the neck pain; heavy, directly \u0026 ldquo; dropped the pillow \u0026 rdquo; Therefore, the pillow naturally cannot choose too low. What is the best pillow? The best pillow is also different from person. However, the basic determinants of the comfortable pillow are height. For normal people, the height of the pillow is related to everyone’s head circumference, fat, neck, and shoulder width. The height of the pillow is closest to people’s height. Generally speaking, the height of people is high, then his choice is slightly high to be comfortable. How many centimeters should be selected for specific pillows? The actual vertical height of the headrest on the pillow, the child is 0-8 cm suitable, but for the baby’s development, pay attention to the choice of multi-stage pillows. In addition, the actual pillow height of adults is most suitable at 8-12 cm. Because people go to the elderly, the bones have changed, and the elderly’s pillows are slightly higher, usually suitable at 9-15 cm. Here is the healthy sleep pillow of Xichuan Nishikawa, you can adjust the height from your own, achieve the height of your own, and the height of the formula is very unscientific. What do you pay attention to in pillows in patients with cervical spondylosis? 1. The high and low curvature should pay more attention to the appropriate height of the pillow, and it is more appropriate to have a little lower than normal, and is suitable for 6-10 cm. The ideal pillow height can keep the normal physiological curvature of the cervical vertebra during supine and lateral position. In principle, it is not to distort the neck on the pillow. The approximate estimation method is: looks down, the pillow is highly compressed with its own fist height (holding boxing); late sleep, the pillow is highly compressed and consistent with his shoulder width height. Here is recommended by NishikawaHealthy sleep pillows, you can adjust the height from your own, achieving the height of your own, the height of the system, is very unscientific.During cervical spondylosis, it is best not to choose a paddy shell, because the elasticity of the material is unstable, and it is easy to cause muscle fatigue damage of neck.Select a resin hose of support, good gas, flexible, and new high-tech filler.2. Softness is also moderately in moderate pillows, on the one hand, the pressure between cervical spondylosis pillows and scalp, and the other hand maintains uneven pressure, allowing blood to pass at a smaller pressure.How to choose a pillow?Pay attention to the Beijing East Sichuan flagship store is enough, please contact customer service experts for detailed consultation.Next: How to choose a pillow size and filler, find a healthy pillow suitable for yourself Previous: University of small pillows asked, Jingcai homes teach you how to choose a pillow