How high pillows is best for cervical vertebra?

How high pillows is best for cervical vertebra? Cervical maintenance, heavy in daily. So, how do we strengthen cervical care in weekdays? Change a good sleeping pillow is a good choice. Scientific pillow law \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; pillow is not as pillow pillow, pillow, pillow is head, in fact, this is wrong. In terms of strict sense, we should be a pillow when he is sleeping, not a pillow. I used to put forward the pillow to revolution, I have revolution, don’t call the pillow, want to call a pillow or neck pillow. why would you said this? Because the cervical vertebra is suspended when the pillow is sleepy, it is responsible for protecting the ligament of the cervical vertebra, the muscles, juanle caps, etc. If it is stimulated to the vertebral artery and the spinal nerve, there will be insufficient blood supply, dizziness, headache, insomnia, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone chooses a suitable cervical pillow while sleeping, placed under the neck to maintain normal physiological curvature of the cervical vertebrae. What should I do if there is no cervical pillow around? You can also do a simple cervical pillow yourself. How do you do it? With a large towel or a bath towel, roll into a cylindrical shape, must be tight, then the pad is in the neck. How high is the volume? In general, the boy is preferably 7 cm, and adults should be 8 ~ 9 cm. Of course, not necessarily a thousand articles will be done according to a standard, and the height of the cervical pillow must be suitable for self-comfort. For our Chinese, the habits of thousands of years have been difficult to change. Therefore, there is still more people who are willing to stick to vintage sleeping pillows. But what kind of sleep pillow, the shape of the sleeping pillow, the high and low dimensions, filling materials and hardness are appropriate to directly related to our cervical spine. So, how can cervical vertebrass to choose a sleeping pillow suitable for you, minimize the degree of damage to the cervical spine? Beware! High-pillow and low pillows are murderous cervical spine patients sleeping high, whether it is supine or lateral lying, will cause the cervical vertebra from harm. why would you said this? When we sleep, when the body is in the supine state, the physiological curvature of the neck should be kept reasonably (ie, the front convex), and once the pillow is too high, and when the shape of the pillow is unreasonable, it will cause the neck. . The neck is in front of the cervical vertical ligament, yellow ligament, astringe ligament, and accent ligaments in a tension, and the excessive muscle tension in the belonging of the belongings. At this time, it is in the vertebrae in the upper portion. The upper part of the joints on the lower vertebrae, causing the joint surface to be disadvantaged, the joint capsule is nervous, and it will eventually have a series of cervical vertebra symptoms due to spinal cord, nerve root, and vertebral artery. Cervical vertebrae patients have long slept, and they will also change the cervical spine physiology. When you sleep, the cervical cervical sphere is in an over-reaching state. The physiological bend exceeds normal and excessive convex. At this time, the upper vertebral body is poured, the rear of the intervertebral disc fiber ring is pressed, the front is pulled, the nucleus is moved forward, Longitudinal ligament is tense. Long-term low pillows can result in fatigue of front vertical ligaments to form chronic damage. The function of the front vertical ligament is to prevent the spine from being tried, once it is slowSexual injury, its guards will be greatly reduced, which may have a vertebral shift error, and increase cervical spondylosis under certain induction. How high-high sleeping pillows are suitable, the appropriate height of the cervical spondylosis patients is 8 ~ 9 cm and the length is 50 ~ 60 cm, but the specific size is also due to the physiological characteristics of each person, especially the neck. Fixed. Shoulder widget fatists can sleep slightly, while thin people can be slightly lower. Sleep habits also have an impact on the height of the sleep pillow, people who are used to sleep, their sleeping pillow should be equal to their own fist height (the height of the boxing of fists in fists) is appropriate; People, their sleeping pillow should be consistent with their own shoulders of the shoulders after compression. Of course, no matter whether you can sleep, you can keep your neck normal life-neck sleeping pillow is ideal. In general, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma sometimes need to sleep; suffering from low blood pressure, anemia sometimes needs to sleep low. How to judge your sleeping pillow is still low? The method is very simple: if the disease is dismissive, the neck pain, headache, dizziness, tinnitus and insomnia, or sleep is numb, it is very likely that your sleeping pillow is too high. If you don’t drink water before going to sleep, but after waking up, you can find the face edema, which may be too low, causing a slight congestion in the head. The sleeping pillow is too low, the jaw will therefore lift up, easy to open breathing, and the situation of snoring. The breathability and elasticity of sleeping pillows are also very important in Chinese medicine. The research of modern medicine shows that when people are in sleep, the temperature of the head is 2 to 3 degrees Celsius than the temperature of the trunk, which is a physiological natural requirement of human body. This requires our choice of sleep pillows to have certain breathability and heat dissipation effects to ensure that our sleep is smooth. In addition, a good sleeping pillow is still moderate. Because of the hard sleeping pillow, the contact area of \u200b\u200bthe sleeping pillow and the neck is reduced, the pressure is increased, and it feels uncomfortable; but if the sleep pillow is too soft, it is difficult to maintain a certain height, the cervical muscle is easy to fatigue, and it is not conducive to sleep, and The head is in which blood circulation will affect the blood circulation. What kind of sleeping pillow is ideal? We traditionally habitually fill in the sleeping pillow, which is a good choice. In addition, the filling of the necrosis, silk, grain, etc. also good. These sleeping pillows can ensure good ventilation, elasticity, and the effect of heat cooling. Many cervical spine patients always try to find all kinds of panacea, in fact, good medicine is in our sleeping pillows. It’s better to choose a tank medicine, it is better to choose a good sleeping pillow, and make our sleeping pillow are the best medicine for the cervical vertebra. 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