How much is international sleep?

World Sleep Day Introduction World Sleep Day (WorldSleepday), March 21, March 21, is World Sleep Day. Established in 2001, 2003 officially entered China. The source of the world has entered the new science and technology era of the 21st century. People’s health awareness is unprecedented,¬† has health to have all the new ideas of \”the new concept of\” therefore causing the concern of the international community. According to the World Health Organization, 25,916 patients in 14 countries were investigated in patients with grassroots medical treatment. It was found that there were 27% of their sleep problems. According to reports, the incidence of insomnia in the United States was as high as 32-50%, and the UK 10 ~ 14 %, 20% of Japan, 30% of France, my country is also more than 30%, 50% of students have lack of sleep. Sleep disorders have a great impact on quality of life, but quite a few patients have not been reasonably diagnosed and treated. Sleep disorder has now become a prominent issue that threatens the public from all over the world. World Sleep Day: In order to attract people’s attention to sleep importance and sleep quality, the International Mental Health and Neuroscience founded a global sleep and health plan in 2001, and will be set to a $ LDQUO on March 21st on March 21; World Sleep Day . China Sleep Research Association officially introduces China in 2003 to China. It is because this day is the first day of spring, the period of season changes, and the late day and night of sleep is closely related to people’s daily lives. The importance of sleep Shakespeare is a life banquet to a life banquet; Tonic¬† ;. Among the people’s life, at least one-third of time is spent in sleep, sleep well, closely related to health. March 21, March 21, \”World Sleep Day , let us explore the importance of sleep. Sleep occupies one-third of our lives. According to the World Health Organization, more than 20,000 patients in 14 countries in the grassroots medical treatment were investigated, and 27% of people have sleep problems. Insomnia has a large negative impact on quality of life, but quite a number of patients do not have reasonable diagnosis and treatment. Plenty sleep, balanced diet and appropriate exercise are recognized by the international community. But people have generally lack awareness of the importance of sleep. The author learned in an interview that there are currently two major categories of people’s sleep quality: insomnia and snoring. With the changes in living habits, the increase in life pressure, insomnia and snoring are in the upward trend, and the populations of these two types of diseases have different, insomnia is more preferred, and snoring is more in men. Sleep disorders modern social life rhythm, high pressure, and bad habits such as nightlife, drinking, etc., will cause sleep disorders. Patients will usually show tension and even paranoid tendency. Chinese sleep situation According to the latest sleep findings announced by China Sleep Research, the incidence of insomnia in Chinese adultsIt is 38.2%, which is higher than the incidence of insomnia in foreign developed countries.Medical research shows that occasionally insomnia will cause fatigue and movement of the next day, long-term insomnia will bring attention to focus, memory disorder and work power are not consequences.Next: The university in the small pillow asked, Jingcai homes teach you how to choose a pillow Previous: How to choose the size, height of the pillow, to achieve yourself