How to choose a pillow size with a filler, find a healthy pillow suitable for yourself

The pillow is generally composed of two parts of the pillow and pillowcase. It is a sleep tool. It is generally believed that the pillow is a filler used in the comfort of sleep, in order to protect the normal physiological activities of the neck, maintain people’s normal physiological activities, people use the pillows when they sleep. I can’t sleep well at night, I have no spirit early, I am doze down to work, leaders you. Hey, the pressure on the office workers is really large, and all kinds of work are accumulated in the mountains, overtime gradually become habits, and the result is still a headache. So, how can I make myself ; sleep well , sleep well , do not let sleep problems plague their daily lives? The answer is obvious, in addition to maintaining the peace of mind, you have to create a comfortable sleep environment for yourself. As a sleep essential, the status of the pillow can not be underestimated, a good pillow can relax the neck muscles, promote blood circulation, and improve sleep quality. But now the market is full of materials, various design, various pillows size pillows are dazzling. What kind of pillows can bring high quality sleep for themselves? Identify a good or bad of a pillow, what kind of indicator should you see? How to choose a pillow to make people’s headache, let’s choose five different materials of pillows to do horizontal comparison evaluation, help everyone pick up the pillow correctly to have a healthy and comfortable sleep. There is a 1/3 of the person’s life, it is in bed, and when you sleep, you will leave a good pillow, what kind of pillow is comfortable? What kind of pillow is better? Small buckle the advantages and disadvantages of some common pillows on the market, can be used for reference. The advantages of chemical fiber pillow (ordinary artificial fiber): cheap, lightweight, good warmth. Disadvantages: Because chemical fiber is not too breathable, it is easy to deformed into blocks for a long time, lack of elasticity, and the pillow will have a high low uneven. So it is generally not recommended to use this kind of cheap but un practical pillow, it is easy to breed aphid. The down pillow (the filler is mainly down) Advantages: good warmth and fluffy, coloring shortcomings: not convenient to clean, and some people will be allergic to the down. Poor gas permeability, the fabric is mostly high-densible, and the electrostatic phenomena in winter is serious, and it is easy to breed mites. Buckwheat pillow (tough and fragile rhombic structure, buckwheat skin can change the shape as the head left and right) Advantages: good gas permeability, never deform. Disadvantages: It is not soft enough, and the pillow has a sound when the head and neck is active, and the residual buckwheat powder remains molded by the moisture, and the insects and elasticity are poor. Memory pillow (slow rebound sponge) Advantages: memory pillow material is high-density, shock absorbing, breathable memory technology cotton, can fully induce the characteristics of the weight and temperature of the human body, using temperature induction to simulate the body of the human body All parts are fully supported, allowing users to enjoy uncomfortable comfort. Disadvantages: chemical materials, slow, unable to reach good support, poor breathable. Xichuan Nishikawa resin hosePillow (breathability, fluidity, not easy to lasm, cleaning) Advantages: four-partition design, fully taking into account the side sleep, look down on demand; each partition can independently adjust the height; new resin hose filler particles;Can be customized privately.Disadvantages: Japan 4 centuries brand, suitable for medium and high-end users, the price is slightly more expensive.Next: How to choose a pillow size and pillow? Previous: How do patients with cervical spondylosis choose a pillow?