How to choose the size, height of the pillow, to achieve yourself

How did you sleep last night? It’s a pillow, I slept to sleep, or put down the mobile phone to turn the opposite side, I couldn’t sleep? Nowadays, for many people, sleep conditions are a big problem that needs to be solved. Various side effects with low sleep quality are unable to say that everyone understands. Today, let’s talk about the props that can effectively improve sleep quality  mdash;  mdash; pillow. As a daily necessities we have come into contact with the pillow, although the pillow cannot directly determine our sleep conditions, it is definitely an important factor. Regarding why the pillow is needed, one of the most common ways is that human erect walking leads to a very large pressure during the day, so at night, it is necessary to lay it down to rest, so that this pressure is relieved. The human spine is naturally bent state, and the front view seems to be a straight line, but the side is a curve with a physiological curved arc. If the spine is not reasonably supported, the pressure of the spine is not good release. So simply, a good pillow can provide appropriate support for cervical vertebrae and spine, thereby keeping natural physiological curves to relax. What are the factors affecting the comfort of the pillow? (1) The size of the pillow is the size of the pillow, and it is measured by the planar stretching state. In general, the pillow close to the shoulder width is suitable. Therefore, the most common pillow size is 43 * 63cm. If you like to be surrounded by a big pillow, you can choose a large size, usually 50 * 70cm. (2) The height of the pillow does not have a specific standard. Different people have different habits, and individual differences are also obvious. Usually suitable for the pillow height is 7 to 12 cm, too high will cause shoulder neck pain, which will cause dizziness and face edema. However, the most suitable height varies from person to person, or to go to the physical store attempt. (3) The hardness hardness of the pillow can provide sufficient support while avoiding dizziness caused by shaking. Usually men prefer a pillow, lady likes a soft pillow. When purchasing, it is subjective comfort, but it should be noted that too hard contact is not enough to cause shoulder neck pain, so soft, it will cause no breathing. (4) The shape of the pillow speaks the shape of the pillow, first mentioning a concept  mdash;  mdash; cervical spine physiology curvature. The human cervical vertebrae is not straight, but naturally has a natural curvature of a curved top, that is, a cervical spine physiology. Understanding your physiological curvature has a certain help for choosing a suitable pillow shape, the idealized state is to allow the cervical spine and the spine to maintain the same level: (5) Sleeping position 1, look down: I like to sit up and choose more fluffy and soft pillows. For example, feathers, neither too much too high, which can make the neck support. 2, sleep late: side here is good for health, choose a certain support for memory pillows and sponge pillows, try to make the neck and spine in a straight line.  lt;: This posture is not good for health, generally does not recommend, but you can choose thin pillows that you like to have a thin point, or you don’t have a pillow.When people sleep, the sprid secreted by the scalp and moisture in the air, dust will penetrate into the pillow, which is easy to breed bacteria.Therefore, the gas permeability, moisture absorption and antibacterial properties should be a purchase standard. There are one-third of the time with a pillow, choose a pillow that is suitable for you!Tokyo Xichuan is committed to healthy sleeping pillows for more than 450 years. The Japanese family is a household brand, scientific health pillow, will give you a comfortable, relieved good sleep, good body.Next: How much is the international sleep, how is the quality of sleep?Teach you how to improve sleep quality