I heard that breakfast is absolutely can’t eat these four foods?

Breakfast is the first first meal, and it is critical to dietary nutrition, work learning efficiency and health, and the food in breakfast should be diverse and reasonable. However, the recent network commends breakfast can’t eat tea eggs, figs, sweet potatoes, and bananas. Is the fact now? Let’s analyze one by one. Tea egg affects calcium, iron absorption? In fact, it is necessary to add tea, soy sauce, etc. to the eggs during the production of tea, soy sauce, etc. during the production of tea eggs. Due to the biotechic substances in the tea, such substances and calcium in eggs are combined, reduce the bioavailability of calcium in eggs. From this perspective, the tea egg does reduce nutrition. But in fact, when cooking tea eggs, the amount of tea used is limited, and the amount of biotechnical substance is also limited, and the absorption of calcium does not have a big impact, and it will not cause osteoporosis. In addition, the tea also contains tannins, tannic acid, etc., will be combined with iron in eggs, reducing iron absorption. However, the iron in the egg is not high, nor is the main source of iron, so it is not necessary to worry about this. Tea eggs can provide rich proteins, it is necessary to pay attention to the high cholesterol in egg yolk, but the right amount of tea eggs will not harm health. It is recommended not to exceed a tea egg every day, and it is best to eat now. Can confection with sugar, can cause obesity? Most of the nutrients of glucose and fruit figs are rich in nutrients. According to \”China Food Ingredients (2009)\”, each 100 grams of fig edible part contains 65 kcal, protein 1.5 grams, fat 0.1 gram, carbohydrate 16.0 grams, dietary fiber 3.0 grams, a variety of vitamins such as carotene 30 micrograms, vitamin C2 mg, vitamin E1.82 mg, rich minerals such as calcium 67 mg, phosphorus 18 mg, potassium 22 mg, selenium 0.67 micrograms. In general, figs are rich in vitamins, minerals, etc. Nutrients in figs have certain health effects, including antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-tumor, enhanced immunity and other functions. Floricular carbohydrates (sugar) is 16 g / 100 grams, which most of them are glucose and fructose, and if it is not a long-term consumption, it will not cause obesity. Grilled sweet potatoes increase the burden of gastrointestinality? Dietary fiber is anti-constipation! Sweet potato is a particularly common food in our daily lives. You can steam. You can eat it. You can eat it directly. You can also porridge … The sweet potato contains a variety of people necessary for nutrients, but also rich Dietary fiber. Dietary fibers can promote gastric peristalsis, prevent constipation, and accelerate harmful toxins in the body. When roasting sweet potatoes, use a clean and hygienic utensil, you can use a microwave, oven, etc., will not produce carcinogens. When eating roasted sweet potatoes, don’t eat a grilled skin, peeled with sweet potato skin and eat. Can you eat bananas in an empty stomach? The normal amount will not cause \”high magnesia\” empty stomach, the reason why the banana is not suitable, the banana is high, and the bananas in the empty stomach can lead to increased blood magnesium, affect the heart function. This kind of saying seems to be reasonable, and it does not matterInspection.First, according to the \”China Food Ingredient Table (2009)\”, each 100 grams of banana can contain 43 mg of magnesium, a normal adult even eats 200 grams of eating, and the content of magnesium is only 86 mg, only for daily recommended.In the quarter (330 mg), it is impossible to cause high magnesia.Second, the absorption rate of food magnesium is also changed with the nutritional level of the human magnesium, that is, when the nutrient level of the human body is sufficient, the absorption rate of the intestinal to magnesium is naturally low, and the excretion of magnesium will also accelerateIt is unlikely because of the promotion of magnesium levels in the magnesium.So, the empty stomach can eat bananas.All in all, there is no bad food, only a bad choice and match, balance and moderation is the basic principles of food selection and intake.Wen / Master Dr. Guo Kairi Master

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