I want to lose weight before \”posting autumn\”, remember this ten tips!

Summer came to the end, before the \”post-autumn\” season, many friends want to take advantage of the summer appetite, and quickly smash the fat on the body. However, if this time, if the weight loss method is unreasonable, it may affect the effect, and even have a different kind of trouble. Here is a simple introduction to the 10 intimate tips for weight loss in the late summer: 1. Don’t use fruit to replace the staple food in summer, a lot of weight loss people love to eat sweet and refreshing fruits. I feel that it is a simple weight loss method. However, compared with the staple food, in the case of the same carbohydrate content, the protein content is lower, which causes insufficient protein intake and increased muscle loss. Severe, even slight malnutrition edema. 2. You can use mixed grain porridge to replace the porridge. Many people like to use porridge porridge to lose weight. Porridge is easy to digest, which can help effectively replenish moisture, but also provide some starch, but the vitamin content is insufficient, and the blood glucose reaction is too high, and the protein content is too low. In contrast, the mixed brown rice, beans, and peanuts will be better, and the supply of nutrients such as vitamin B1, potassium and protein can be increased. If it is concentrated, it can be replaced with staple food. 3. Every day, you have a savory dish sweating in the summer, especially some sporty people, and there will be white flowers on the clothes. If you only eat the sodium content of fruit, sweet food, and lightweight food, it may have no weakness of weakness, dizziness, thirst, and even because of electrolyte disorders due to electrolyte disorders due to sodium lack of sodium. 4. It is recommended that each meal has a protein in summer, it is easy to lose their appetite, and it is too hot to cook, and the most prone to protein food is most prone to the problem, it is easy to reduce the metabolic rate. Equisouncers in the morning (salt duck eggs), eat meat or fish at noon, eat bean products at night, to ensure that each meal has a high quality protein, plus milk (yogurt) and soy milk. 5. Use \”Do not eat only food only eat meat\”, how high protein diet will bring higher food thermal effects, and the body heat dissipation after the meal is increased, and people will feel more hot in the summer. In the summer, I need to add water, and the protein intake is more likely to feel thirst, and it will exacerbate the body’s discomfort. 6. Pay attention to supplement sufficient calcium elements to change the sweets to yogurt, or use the boxed paste milk or sterilized milk, and then dilute with a summer drink, as a summer drink. It is not high, and it can supplement nutrition. Sales can be added to the dishes, such as high calcium soy products such as tofu, tofu trunk. 7. Avoid sweet drinks, eat less ice cream and ice cream, high heat, high nutrient density. If you must eat, try to buy the minimum, and only eat one or two a week. You can freeze mango, banana, cherry, lychee, etc. 8. Try to avoid the summer weather in the summer, people often get up late in the morning, breakfast less, lunch reduction, and then go out to eat in the evening.However, even the same food, if the proportion of eating at night is large, it is not conducive to weight loss. In recent years, research suggests, putting the center of gravity of eating more beneficial to weight loss. It is better to get up early, eat more when you cool down; you can eat less in the afternoon, add a meal in the afternoon, eat it lightly in the evening, and go to bed early. 9. Don’t excessively exercise, don’t feel fatigue, do not exercise in the absence of physical weakness, loss of appetite or high ambient temperature, not only the exercise effect is not good, but it is easy to lose muscles, and even there is a danger of heatstroke. You can eat some fruit before exercise, drink some porridge; you can drink some electrolyte drinks during exercise; it is necessary to make water in time after exercise. 10. Don’t drink too much water after exercise, except that you should not drink too much water, pay attention to the temperature of the water is not too low. Excessive intake moisture can cause blood osmosis and electrolyte disorders. After the movement of the body, the body surface vessel expansion, the muscle blood is full, while the internal organte is relatively reduced, and suddenly a large amount of ice water stimulates the stress reaction, it is possible to cause discomfort, and even hazard. In short, weight loss cannot be sacrificed, and the muscles are expensive. Only one energetic body is the most difficult to get fat; there is only one muscular body, is a beautiful state of the curve. If the summer causes a healthy vitality due to weight loss, after the autumn and winter season, it is easy to \”drink cold water and long meat\”, and infectious diseases are more likely to occur. Don’t forget that the epidemic has not been completely passed, and autumn and winter will be a test. Even if you have a vaccine, it is also necessary to consume nutrients and physical fitness after encounter a virus.

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