Mid-Autumn Festival NBSP; Nutritional Doctor tells you how healthy Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival, family reunion, go to visit, enjoy the moon, share the moon cake … With a round of party gatherings, if the diet is not paying attention, it may suffer from \”post-holiday syndrome\”. The reporter of the People’s Network interviewed Yu Xuemei, attending physician for the nutritional physician of Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital, tricking for everyone, putting good food, healthy Mid-Autumn Festival. \”During the festival, maintain the rules, each meal, eight or nine points, the best interval between two meals for 4 hours, do not overeating and a lot of drinking.\” Dr. Yu Xuemei said that overeating of overeating is easy to cause gastrointestinal function disorders. Spiritual loss, stomach is full of stomach, and diarrhea or constipation, severe acute gastroenteritis. There is no big fish in the process of overeating, and the two factors are the main causes of cholecystitis and pancreatitis, especially some obese people and people with gallbladder stone diseases. Moon cake is a must-have food in the Mid-Autumn Festival, how to eat moon cakes? Dr. Yu Xuemei suggested that there is a weak digestive function, such as the elderly, children, gastrointestinal disease patients, etc. Ice skin moon. Patients with diabetes and hyperlipidemia should not eat moon cakes. Mooncake contains a large amount of sugar, oil, is not conducive to blood glucose and blood lipids. Every Mid-Autumn Festival is a good time to eat crabs, eat crabs. Dr. Yu Xuemei introduced that the autumn crab is delicate, crab yellow, crab paste, rich in protein and trace elements, but the cholesterol content is high. There are high fattymia, cardiovascular disease, and people in the hepatitis activity should not eat crab yellow and crab paste, and crab meat should not eat more. In addition, from the Chinese medicine, the crab is salty and cold, and it is a food, so when you eat, you should eat ginger vinegar, you should not eat more, the spleen and stomach is especially paying attention. Dr. Yu Xuemei tips, from food safety, can not eat dead crabs, should be steamed when making it, and eat overnight crabs. The autumn is also the season of fruit harvest, and all kinds of fruits have become the pastime after you meal. In the correct time, the right amount of fruit is good for health. Dr. Yu Xuemei recommended that normal adults intake 200 ~ 350g between two meals a day, but diabetic patients need to choose some sugar-containing fruit, such as grapefruit, guava, etc. according to my own blood sugar control. In the face of a rich table, for health, in order not to show the embarrassment of \”fever three pounds\”, Yu Xuemei recommended, ingredients, 菜 prefer low fat meat, such as fish and shrimp, chicken (best going Leather), thin beef, etc. The choice of staple food, preferably with coarse grains, such as yam, purple potato, miscellaneous rice, etc., limited to 1 small bowl. Eat less fried snacks and snacks, because energy is really too high. The choice of cooking methods, do not have to cook oil or use a small amount of cooking oil, such as steam, boil, stew, simmer. Pay attention to less sugar, less salt in cooking.

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