More than 97% of people are susceptible to cancer, but persistent health lifestyle reduces risk

In 20 cancers such as lung cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, more than 97% of people are at least a cancer, and the risk of cancer is significantly increased in people with highly high-generate risks and unhealthy lifestyle. Recently, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Shen Hongbing, the Global Health Center of Nanjing Medical University Global Health Center The study team leads to many universities in my country, published in the \”Cancer Research\” of the US Cancer Research Society. The researchers constructed the multi-gene risk score (PRS) of 20 kinds of cancer sites, and the use of 44,2501 people in the British biological sample library, prospective assessment of multi-gene risk score (CPRS) and cancer risk of overall cancer Relationship. Cancer is the world’s most important cause, which occurs the results of the common role of genetic and environmental factors. \”Conventional genetic studies have found some loci or DNA regions that can affect the risk of cancer risk, based on this, personalized evaluation can be performed on individual cancer risks. However, there is a more focus on individual cancers, how to construct synthesis The indicator of the overall genetic risk of cancer is unclear. \”Zhu Meng, Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Global Health Center of the Public Health Center of Nanjing Medical University, told the Science and Technology Daily. Zhu Meng said that past studies have shown that more than 40% of cancer cases and death can be attributed to unhealthy lifestyles, and individuals with high -… The risk of tumors such as breast cancer, gastric cancer and colorectal cancer can be lowered by healthy lifestyle. . But it is still unclear whether you have a healthy lifestyle, whether it is effective for reducing the overall risk of cancer. \”Based on this, the team utilizes all genome-associated research data results, constructs 20 kinds of cancer site PRS, and the incidence of cancer of the British Biological Samples is used as the weight, and the gender of Men’s CPRS is established. On this basis The BBC’s biological information is used to calculate the CPRS of each individual, and finally assess the relationship between CPRS and cancer incidence. \”Zhu Meng said. In the study, the subject group constituted the subject’s \”smoking, drinking, physical quality index (BMI), physical activity and eating custom factors\”, to evaluate healthy lifestyle in different genetic risks The protection effect of cancer. \”We define healthy lifestyle as no smoking or quit smoking for more than 30 years; do not drink; normal body shape is 18.5-30; at least 75 minutes, strenuous exercise or 150 minutes medium intensity exercise or isometric combination; eat more fruits , Vegetables, whole wheat grains, fish, less red meat, processing meat. \”Zhu Meng said. The study found that the 20 kinds of cancers were independent of each other, and almost all of the cancer risk of cancer, more than 97% of individuals were more sensible, \”which means that almost every person is susceptible to at least one Type of cancer. \”Zhu Meng Interpretation. Among them, the overall cancer risk of men with moderate or highly genetic risks increased compared to subsequent risk subjects.27% and 91%, while women increase 21% and 62% respectively.Further research shows that genetic and lifestyle factors have a joint impact on the overall cancer risk.Zhu Meng introduced that compared with the low-generated risk and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the risk of male high-generative risks and using unhealthy lifestyle populations increased by 1.99 times, and women increased by 1.38 times.In the high risk group identified by CPRS, if a healthy lifestyle is taken, the morbidity of male standardization is reduced from 7.23% to 5.51%, and women are reduced from 5.77% to 3.69%.\”Study the index CPRS, which constructs the integrated overall cancer genetic risk, proves that almost everyone is a high risk of cancer, and healthy lifestyle can reduce the overall cancer risk.\” Zhu Meng believes that improving food model, keeping sports andControl tobacco, alcohol consumption, is essential to reduce the risk of cancer risk of the total population.

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