Old has a happy ; continue to shine hot (for happiness and happy old age 3)

The elderly volunteers in the water show community are purchasing daily necessities in the elderly (left). The core reading of the information picture is in the Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, and many of the elderly people actively participate in community governance, volunteer service, take the initiative to take care of senior, living alone, disabled, and play the leader to participate in the neighborhood. The elderly are dedication, the community is also in action, specializing in the development of integration computing systems, helping old-age volunteers to record services, accumulated points to exchange goods and services. The Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province is one of the norms that have entered the aging of population, and the proportion of 60-year-old and older population accounts for more than 29%. But here, more and more older people have helped age and greater older people, play their own hobbies to actively participate in community governance, old, old and happy, continue to shine. The organization of the young old man takes care of the elderly in the early morning, Wang Meijuan, Wuxi New Village, River Street, Wuxi Street, came to the surrounding vegetables to help the old neighbors. \”Every day I will go to their home, I will buy some vegetables and fruits, daily necessities, cooking, cleanse health, sometimes help them go to the hospital to take medicine.\” Wang Meijuan is 64 years old this year, after retirement, first take care of the 3rd floor Old neighbor. After the old neighbors passed away, they had taken care of the old couple who had been in 90 years old, and now there are five or six-year scenery. Wang Meijuan’s own mother is already 95 years old, and the lover also suffers from strontium to take care of it. But she has always insisted on taking care of other old people in the community. \”I didn’t worry about 60 years old, I still do it. Help others are also happy.\” Wang Meijuan said. Water Show New Village is a community built in the end of the 1980s. There are more than 14,000 people in the resident population, and the aging rate reaches 30%. The community found that there are many residents like Wang Meijuan like this. Since March 2019, the community launched the \”Friends Neighbor Bag\” neighborhood, participating volunteers mainly in 60, \”young old people\”, service objects are empty nests, living alone, severe disability, lost elderly people, Service content includes purchasing, payment, accompanying, delivery, etc. The Mihu Community is also a big community that is already in a total of 10,000 people. Because of the demolition and resettlement community, many neighbors are the original old neighborhood. Near Mid-Autumn Festival, the 72-year-old Wang Yinghua and \”Tong Mei Lake\” volunteer team began to ponder traditional pastry-wheat cakes to neighborhood Mid-Autumn Festival. Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Chongyang … Every time, Wang Yinghua is busy. Before her lover is a facing teacher, after retirement, two people will do some snacks to give older old neighborhoods. Everyone feels that their home is delicious, many old people are still in listening, Wang Yinghua has contacted several retired old partners to set up a volunteer team. Every time I go to various festivals, the community provides materials, they make arts, and send themselves to their own desperation for the elderly, living in the age of 80 and living alone, living, disabilities, etc. This silver-off volunteer team, there is an important job – for the elderly to enjoy lunch in the community. Every day near noon, Wang Yinghua came to the community on time.\”Happy Restaurant\” dining and then distributed to the dining point of each building. For some old people who are unlike, the body is not good, she will help to send it home. Sometimes, she will talk to the elderly for a while. \”The rice is hot, our heart is also hot.\” Every time I look at the elder people get the hot food, Wang Yinghua is happy. Today, there are more than 1,800 volunteers in the Mihu Community, which are active in 22 volunteers, including nearly half of the proprietary of older volunteers. Give full of enthusiasm to form a volunteer team \”This lantern flower, cut off the branches, can live in the insert.\” I talked about the flower, and the Yin Zuhong, who was usually whispered, opened his words. The 74-year-old Yin Zuhong and more than 40 retired elderly established a green group under the support of the water show community, and the flowers in the residential area, creating a flower garden. I have eaten breakfast every morning, these \”fans\” will come to a flower garden in the community, and exchange flowers. The flowerbed in the flowerpot is smashed, and the 70 square meters of space is full. In the community, you can see different flowers in each season, the front of the beauty. Now, the cock flower, the sun flowers, and the Fengxianhua are all in all, four times a year, four times different views. Ni Zhongxing, 87, told reporters that the community specifically supports their flowers, this year, the tools of spending, tattoo and flowers are also growing more and more growing. Ni Zhongxing not only makes volunteers in the green group of the community, but also the calligraphy service volunteers in the community. Every year, the Spring Festival will be written in the neighborhood neighborhood. The free calligraphy class will be held every year. It has been held for 22 years. This summer, he also recorded a network with the help of young volunteers, and opened the children around the live teach. Wang Meijuan’s grandson has been got in Ni Zixing’s calligraphy lesson for three consecutive years. \”I am a volunteer spirit of everyone, and it is common in the water show community. In Snow Street, there is a silver-haired volunteer service team of more than 400 people. They founded a number of cultural and sports teams, active in public places such as parks, communities, squares, books, and driving around people to actively participate in cultural and sports activities. Storage service Duration points redemption items participated in volunteering this year. Recently, she gave two granddaughters for two weeks of music experience class. \”You can’t make volunteers, these older volunteers have also have services in the next few years, we are currently exploring the support policy.\” Director Binhu District Civilization Office, Gao Fei told reporters, now in some communities as mutual aid pilot , Promote the new era civilization practice volunteer service, let \”save time, enjoy service\” can see it. In Meihu Community, as long as the registered volunteers can get a \”time bank\” card. The community has developed a set of integration computing systems. Volunteers participate in volunteer activities, as long as a credit card can record the service duration, accumulated points. Volunteers can use points to exchange rice, edible oil, laundry liquid, shampoo and other daily necessities in the community, and can also exchange 52 love companies in the jurisdiction.Provide goods or services.In the water show community, the elderly who participated in volunteer services also have a \”time to pass fold\”, and the points of service, the points, can also be exchanged for daily necessities or enjoy the medical examination.\”When I need someone to take care, I believe that there will be volunteers to help me.\” Wang Meijuan took care of the neighbors. Today, more and more elderly people have played volunteers.Help others’ actions.\”People’s Daily\” (September 08, 2021)

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