How to choose the size, height of the pillow, to achieve yourself

How did you sleep last night? It’s a pillow, I slept to sleep, or put down the mobile phone to turn the opposite side, I couldn’t sleep? Nowadays, for many people, sleep conditions are a big problem that needs to be solved. Various side effects with low sleep quality are unable to say that everyone understands. Today, let’s talk about the props that can effectively improve sleep quality  mdash;  mdash; pillow. As a daily necessities we have come into contact with the pillow, although the pillow cannot directly determine our sleep conditions, it is definitely an important factor. Regarding why the pillow is needed, one of the most common ways is that human erect walking leads to a very large pressure during the day, so at night, it is necessary to lay it down to rest, so that this pressure is relieved. The human spine is naturally bent state, and the front view seems to be a straight line, but the side is a curve with a physiological curved arc. If the spine is not reasonably supported, the pressure of the spine is not good release. So simply, a good pillow can provide appropriate support for cervical vertebrae and spine, thereby keeping natural physiological curves to relax. What are the factors affecting the comfort of the pillow? (1) The size of the pillow is the size of the pillow, and it is measured by the planar stretching state. In general, the pillow close to the shoulder width is suitable. Therefore, the most common pillow size is 43 * 63cm. If you like to be surrounded by a big pillow, you can choose a large size, usually 50 * 70cm. (2) The height of the pillow does not have a specific standard. Different people have different habits, and individual differences are also obvious. Usually suitable for the pillow height is 7 to 12 cm, too high will cause shoulder neck pain, which will cause dizziness and face edema. However, the most suitable height varies from person to person, or to go to the physical store attempt. (3) The hardness hardness of the pillow can provide sufficient support while avoiding dizziness caused by shaking. Usually men prefer a pillow, lady likes a soft pillow. When purchasing, it is subjective comfort, but it should be noted that too hard contact is not enough to cause shoulder neck pain, so soft, it will cause no breathing. (4) The shape of the pillow speaks the shape of the pillow, first mentioning a concept  mdash;  mdash; cervical spine physiology curvature. The human cervical vertebrae is not straight, but naturally has a natural curvature of a curved top, that is, a cervical spine physiology. Understanding your physiological curvature has a certain help for choosing a suitable pillow shape, the idealized state is to allow the cervical spine and the spine to maintain the same level: (5) Sleeping position 1, look down: I like to sit up and choose more fluffy and soft pillows. For example, feathers, neither too much too high, which can make the neck support. 2, sleep late: side here is good for health, choose a certain support for memory pillows and sponge pillows, try to make the neck and spine in a straight line.  lt;: This posture is not good for health, generally does not recommend, but you can choose thin pillows that you like to have a thin point, or you don’t have a pillow.When people sleep, the sprid secreted by the scalp and moisture in the air, dust will penetrate into the pillow, which is easy to breed bacteria.Therefore, the gas permeability, moisture absorption and antibacterial properties should be a purchase standard. There are one-third of the time with a pillow, choose a pillow that is suitable for you!Tokyo Xichuan is committed to healthy sleeping pillows for more than 450 years. The Japanese family is a household brand, scientific health pillow, will give you a comfortable, relieved good sleep, good body.Next: How much is the international sleep, how is the quality of sleep?Teach you how to improve sleep quality

Fitness must give up snacks? These fitness common sense you need to know

As people’s living standards continue to improve, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of fitness and diet, and with it, there are many health problems caused by the wrong fitness and diet habits. So, how can we achieve reasonable fitness?

Fitness misconceptions to avoid

Fitness people can not eat staple foods: fitness people in order to gain muscle, choose not to eat staple foods, but a lot of eating beef, chicken breast, eggs, protein powder, a long time will increase the burden on the internal organs. The public should establish the correct concept of fitness, maintain muscle health conditions while not overly increase muscle, reasonable protein supplementation, to ensure the intake of staple foods and trace elements.

Fitness crowd can not eat snacks: this concept is not accurate. In fact, we just need to do will choose snacks, you can eat with confidence. Choose snacks with high nutrient density and small size, such as nuts, contains a variety of carbohydrates, protein, energy, minerals and other nutrients required by the body. And three meals, supplemented by a small amount of snacks is also very important ability to replenish the way.

Different sports correspond to meals also have a difference

Long-distance running, long-distance cycling, long-time swimming are all aerobic energy-consuming exercise. Because of the long time, energy accumulation consumption, sweating, so aerobic exercise first of all, we must consume sufficient energy, to ensure a reasonable proportion of carbohydrates, to maintain the body’s blood sugar level appropriate. Secondly, pay attention to water replenishment, prevent dehydration, but also pay attention to increase the intake of micronutrients such as calcium and iron.

Weight lifting, short distance cycling, short distance fast swimming is anaerobic energy-consuming exercise, which is characterized by short duration and high intensity, which requires the body to consume enough protein. In daily life this kind of fitness people need to eat more vegetables and fruits, supplement carbohydrates, while supplementing electrolyte drinks.

Inadequate nutrition in the case of fitness, not only will have an impact on our mental state, over time will also be a great burden on internal organs. Therefore, the blind pursuit of bone beauty and muscle beauty are not allowed, diet and nutrition, reasonable fitness, to achieve a balanced diet to achieve the most perfect fitness state.

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How long have you been fooled by these fitness “common sense”?

As we grow older, all kinds of April Fool’s Day routines have long been seen, there is no need to guard against, after all, those who love to joke with you, often care about people who care about you ~.

For fitness muscle friends, you should really be careful, is that those who sound reasonable at first glance, the fine product is all wrong “fitness pseudo-common sense”

They are not the product of April Fool’s Day, sometimes tell you these knowledge of people, themselves are convinced of this. But once you fall into the pit, the road to fitness, I am afraid to turn into a bitter tears.

Today, let’s sweep the mines, fitness road, what seems to be “common sense” of the “century-old pit”!

Pseudo – training tutorials


Rumor: more practice abs, belly will be thin

The truth: training abs is not the same as a thin stomach, if the body fat is too high, you still can not see the abdominal muscle line.

Just contact fitness, many students will subconsciously think: abdominal fat, want to abdominal muscle lines, you have to train more abs, in fact, this is only half right.

The training actions for the abdominal muscles can indeed promote the growth of abdominal muscles, but for the reduction of body fat, it does not bring very effective help.

Fat loss can not be carried out locally, want to be more efficient to train the abdominal muscle line, you need to start at the same time: optimize the diet structure, moderate amount of cardio training, accelerate body fat consumption; 2-4 times a week abdominal muscle training, improve the abdominal muscle ratio, at the same time.


Rumor: the muscle does not hurt after the exercise, there is no training effect

Truth: not practice after the soreness, muscle growth, soreness may not represent the practice in place, may be the practice of injury

When training, we should pay attention to the movement standard, weight strength, fully feel the muscle force, rather than overly concerned about the degree of soreness after training.

No soreness does not mean no muscle growth, like glutamine, BCAA and other fitness supplements, one of the major effects is to reduce training soreness, so as to help the gym, can be in better shape to complete the next training.

In addition, the pain after training, may not always mean good training, but also because of irregular movements, overtraining, resulting in physical damage. This time to also be happy to increase the weight, ready to make their own become more pain …… that can really become three years training five years hospitalization!


Rumor: stretching and relaxation after exercise, the muscle will be in vain

Truth: stretching and relaxing after training can further help muscle growth!

Stretching after training, directly affects the effect of muscle gain after training.

The myofascial membrane is like a big bag to wrap the muscle inside, if the myofascial membrane is too tight, muscle growth will not have enough space. In addition, static stretching will briefly block blood flow, when relaxed, more fresh blood will flow into the stretched muscle fibers, providing more nutrients and oxygen to help muscle growth.

For girls who don’t want to let their muscles grow too much, there is really no need to worry about the amount of training that will turn you into a vajayjay. The testosterone levels in normal women are much lower than in men, which limits the peak of muscle growth.

Muscle is not that good, for girls is even more so, if you do not use testicular promotion and other methods, rely on training alone to become a large muscle woman, it is difficult ……


The rumor: three days of training, weight loss? Must be the wrong method

The truth: weight remains the same, does not mean that body fat is not reduced, fat loss to see the effect of the month

Fitness three days, found no weight loss but increased? You don’t have to be in a broken state of mind, you are not alone.

Weight can not be equated with body fat, weight gain may not be no consumption of body fat, but muscle mass in the rise. Similarly, weight loss does not necessarily mean you are thin, it may be a loss of muscle mass and water loss.

The change in three days, not much reference value, training fat loss, please with a reasonable diet, to see the effect of the month as a unit.


Rumor: exercise without sweating, there is no fat loss effect

Truth: The amount of sweating is not much related to the fat loss effect

Sweating more ≠ fat loss, sweating off weight is more water discharged by the body to regulate the temperature stability of the body. In addition, if you sweat furiously and do not replenish water in time, it may lead to electrolyte disorder, which is harmful to your body.

Pseudo-supplementation science


Rumor: Do not drink protein powder, harming the kidneys, training are dead muscles

Truth: protein powder is the main component of protein, normal people drink milk will hurt the kidneys?

The logic of this rumor is equivalent to: drinking too much water will be water poisoning, so it is inferred that the water is toxic as well.

It is not the nutrient itself that poses the danger, but the excess. For healthy adults, protein powder in the normal product recommended intake, there is no need to worry about the possibility of kidney injury.

As for drinking protein powder long is dead muscle? emm, you do not drink protein powder practice a muscle, will also be keyboard warriors said to be able to see can not fight. The problem is not in the muscle, is that the muscle did not grow on them ……


rumors: the use of creatine, people will gradually become bald

The truth: baldness is mainly dependent on genes

It is true that there is a weak link between androgen levels and hair loss, but hair loss is also closely related to sebaceous gland secretion, family genes, diet structure, work and rest habits, life stress, shampoo, water temperature in the shower, and other factors. Strength training will also increase androgen levels, but so much fitness, but not everywhere bald, right?

Simply put: if there is no hair loss gene in the family, then there is no need to worry about using creatine.


Rumor: Nitrogen pump creatine, clumping should be thrown away

Truth: As long as it is within the shelf life, these two clumps can also eat

Lumpy is not the same as spoiled. The nitrogen pump contains arginine, the physical properties of easy to clump; creatine monohydrate structure is stable, moisture clumping will not be denatured, the molecular structure is not changed. Just like salt clumps, crack it open and you can continue to use it, these two are the same.


Rumor: Testosterone tonic is a medicine with unimaginable side effects

Truth: It is exogenous testosterone promotion that has side effects, and endogenous testosterone promotion does not take the blame.

The reason why testosterone supplements have been hacked so badly is that exogenous and endogenous testosterone supplements are referred to as testosterone supplements. Although the goal is to increase testosterone levels, the actual ingredients are not the same thing at all.

Exogenous testosterone promotion is equivalent to injecting hormones directly into the body from outside. Although this mode can quickly help break through the bottleneck of muscle growth, it will lead to the gradual loss of function of one’s own organs and seriously endanger health.

Endogenous testosterone promotion, on the other hand, is mostly plant-based, and does not contain hormones itself. It is done by nourishing the body’s organs, thus bringing about an increase in testosterone levels, and this kind of testosterone promotion is completely free of negative hazards.

Pseudo-dietary guidelines


Rumor: Don’t eat after 8pm, you will die of fat

Truth: Whether you will gain weight depends on what you eat and whether your calorie consumption is greater than your calorie intake.

Supplemental protein before going to bed will not only not gain weight, but will also help muscle growth after training. As for the carbohydrates before bed, it is not so exaggerated as to eat a fat, mainly depending on whether the day consumption of calories is greater than the intake. If you really want to eat a little snack in the evening, 60-90 minutes before bedtime, a small handful of blueberries such as low GI food is not uncommon, do not eat too much on the good.


Rumor: How to grow muscle without eating fat first

Truth: Fat does not turn into muscle, and fat people are not easier to gain muscle than thin people

The so-called lean people to eat more muscle, because an adequate amount of muscle glycogen, is a prerequisite for muscle growth, and muscle glycogen mainly comes from carbohydrates. This is not the same as eating yourself into a fat person to start fitness, obesity will also affect testosterone levels, which is harmful to muscle gain.


Rumor: I started today to lose weight, dinner will not eat

Truth: do not eat, short-term may be thin, long-term must rebound

Fat loss period is not to reduce nutritional intake, but to optimize the proportion of nutritional intake. Dieting diet method, will directly lead to a decline in the level of human metabolism, the body in order to self-preservation, and constantly transformed into a fat-prone body, attention can not focus, the state of training is also greatly affected. Not to mention the ability to stick down, even if this fat loss success, but also extremely easy to rebound, the damage to the body, but also indelible.


Rumors: nuts are healthy food, usually eat more

Truth: Although nuts are good, but also can not stand to eat too much

Most nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, eaten in moderation, whether for fitness, or physical health are very good. But their main nutrition, to put it bluntly, or fat, and then the good things also need to be in moderation, greedy mouth without restraint can only be fat. 30-50 grams of mixed nuts per day, about a small amount is sufficient.


Rumor: you must eat immediately after training, or practice for nothing

Truth: immediately after training to eat the main meal, aggravating the burden on the stomach and intestines

Just after completing training, a large amount of blood rushes to the muscles, gastrointestinal digestive capacity for a short time itself is weaker than usual, then if you immediately eat ordinary food, it will increase the burden on the stomach and intestines, over time, may also cause gastrointestinal diseases. This is why the whey protein, which is very easy to absorb, why fitness old iron hands necessary, do not need to explain it ~.

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16 general knowledge of introductory fitness, newcomers must see, stop saying you do not know how to work out!

When I figured out the hobby of fitness, I would find that many people enter the fitness ranks in a confused manner, and then train in a confused manner. For fitness common sense are not understood, and even fall into misunderstanding.

A lot of fitness knowledge can be said that “nine out of ten questions do not answer”, because they simply blindly practice, practice the effect in the end, they do not know much.

Although most of us do not practice the kind of muscle domination of Ronnie, Sis and so on, but the understanding of common sense, can help everyone’s knowledge of fitness, so as to exercise a lower body fat, bodybuilding-like body.

In this editorial carefully selected, for you to summarize the 16 fitness common sense, I hope to help you on the road to fitness: 1.

1. 30 minutes before fitness, to eat some easily digestible fast carbon or protein food, can enhance the ability to exercise performance. Do not eat slow-digesting food, which can easily lead to abdominal bloating and affect the training effect.

2. emphasis on warm-up training, spend 5 minutes warming up can reduce friction between tissues, but also help prevent muscle damage, a good warm-up can create a healthier body.

3. During exercise, use the interval time to replenish water, small sips can prevent electrolyte loss. Do not drink a large amount at once after exercise, it is easy to cause blood concentration dilution, the internal environment concentration decreased and other consequences that are not conducive to physical recovery.

4. muscle building, fat loss people need to supplement sufficient protein, can maintain muscle, promote muscle growth. The best quality protein is lean meat, whether it is chicken breast, beef, or pork, lamb, are good choices. In addition, protein powder is also a quality nutritional supplement with quick and easy absorption.

5. muscle soreness, does not mean that the training out good results, but also may not be training in place, resulting in the transfer of the power position. Muscle soreness, does not mean that the training is not in place, may be stimulated to the deep muscles, resulting in delayed soreness.

6. fitness do not wear jeans, narrow legged pants, sweaters and other clothing that affects the flexibility and heat dissipation of the body, which will greatly reduce the ability to perform sports, but also not conducive to physical recovery. Fitness to choose sportswear, sports shoes and other professional equipment, in order to avoid unnecessary injuries.

7. do not train after drinking, do not drink after practice. Alcohol tends to stimulate blood circulation flow rate, increasing the incidence of hypertension, cardiovascular disease too.

8. fitness training process, maintain a smooth breathing control, holding your breath is easy to faint under the large weight training, resulting in life-threatening.

9. fitness practice do not immediately sit down to rest or shower, should ease the body breathing state, so that the body to restore calm and prevent the invasion of germs when the immune system is reduced.

10. fitness training, not necessarily every time you use a large weight training, you have to adjust the training plan according to the direction of their own body development, training status and other factors. The same training plan, only to train the same body.

11. remember not to wear “sweat suits”, which is a harmful product. The principle of the sweat suit is to seal the body’s cooling system, so that heat is stored in the clothes, sweat is retained in the clothes, which is not only easy to let the open pores invade the germs, but also easy to “smother” the body.

12. The number of training sessions per week should not be too many, and should not be overworked, need at least 1-2 days of rest a week. You have to listen carefully to the state of the body, persistence is important, but not to force the body to release excessive energy.

13. Sleep is the protagonist of the body’s recovery, no one of them. Ensuring the habit of regular early bedtime and not staying up late will promote body repair and muscle growth. And the extra intake of fitness supplements can only be a supporting role in the fitness program.

14. The training plan for boys and girls is the same, there is no certain training plan for men and women. The difference is that the focus of training and weight selection is not the same.

15. Fitness is not an immediate thing, you need to adhere to at least 3 months, in order to feel the transformation of the body. Fitness only stick to it, take it as a habit of life, is really cultivated in place.

16, weight loss people also need to strengthen weight training, otherwise a long time aerobic exercise will break down the body’s muscles, resulting in a decline in body metabolism, the weight is easy to rebound. Aerobic exercise time is shortened, adding half an hour of resistance training, starting with compound movements, fat burning and shaping effect will be significantly improved Oh!

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Jogging to lose weight can thin thigh muscles jogging and fast running which is more thin legs

Running is now a sport practiced by many people, but due to the level of their own sports, so we find that many people prefer to choose jogging as their fitness exercise method. Jogging and fast running sports effect is very good, then you think jogging weight loss can Soul thigh muscle? Jogging and fast running which is more thin legs? Here we go together with fitness knowledge there to see it!

Jogging weight loss can thin thigh muscles jogging and fast running which is more thin legs

Jogging can thin thigh muscles?
Jogging is a kind of aerobic exercise, can play a good effect of thin legs. Jogging is not a lot of exercise, so it is suitable for people who usually do not exercise much, and for people who need to lose weight jogging is also effective, but need long-term persistence, and each exercise time to more than half an hour.

Jogging to lose weight can thin thigh muscles jogging and fast running which is more thin legs

Jogging and fast running which is more thin legs
In contrast, the effect of jogging is actually better than fast running to slim the legs. Many people may feel that the fast running exercise so good weight loss effect, but in fact, jogging is more fat consumption. Jogging is an aerobic breathing exercise that accelerates fat burning and speeds up the body’s metabolic rate. And fast running is anaerobic exercise, mainly training cardiorespiratory function. For people with excessive body fat percentage, wanting to lose weight means consuming more energy than you take in every day. And research proves that the same time of fast running and jogging compared to fast running than jogging can consume more calories, jogging to reduce the weight is much greater than fast running.

How long does jogging thin legs work
It varies from person to person and requires long-term persistence to see the effect. Jogging is actually a very big learning. Generally we run after a period of time, will slow down to walk, when the rest enough time to run again. But in fact, this method of exercise is not correct, this way will only bring more pressure on our legs. So when we jog, we keep running, running time between 20 to 30 minutes is enough.

Climbing to lose weight a month can lose a few pounds in the morning climbing can lose weight

Climbing is an intense outdoor sport, and the effect of climbing on weight loss and fitness is very good. Many people have lost their excess body fat through climbing, but more people are concerned about how effective climbing is for weight loss. So how many pounds do you think you can lose in a month? Here we go together with fitness knowledge there to see it!

How many pounds can you lose in a month?
Climbing can actually lose how many pounds is not clear, climbing belongs to a kind of aerobic exercise to lose weight, this kind of weight loss method according to the determination of slope climbing 30 minutes equivalent to 2 kilometers per hour rate, can consume about 500 calories, equal to the side of the gym to do 50 minutes of boring training or swimming 45 minutes, thus it can be seen climbing fitness exercise can make the muscle get higher than usual 10 times more oxygen than usual, can promote the body carcinogenic substances, endotoxins and harmful substances immediately out, but also to enhance the total number of cellular immunity, improve immunity, but also to promote the basic metabolism, accelerate fat decomposition with rapid slimming effect.

Climbing to lose weight a month can lose a few pounds

Can you lose weight by climbing in the morning?
If you can adhere to, together with a reasonable diet and sleep, there will certainly be an effect. Climbing is definitely better than climbing, after all, the air is much better, the view is more open, exercise can also enjoy the scenery along the way, the mood will be better. Slowly climb, will not be obvious to become stronger. Climbing before eating a normal breakfast can be, after eating the best half an hour before climbing. Climbing should pay attention to bring some water and snacks, do not be too tired, some fatigue when you take a break.

The advantages of climbing for weight loss
Climbing is aerobic exercise, which can increase the protein in the blood, increase the number of immune cells, enhance immunity, and help the body’s carcinogens, harmful substances, toxins and other timely discharge. Promote metabolism at the same time, accelerate fat consumption, so climbing also has a body slimming effect. After all, climbing is a sport, sports are used to exercise the body. So, climbing is not bravado, climbing steps, the speed should not be too fast, both to pay attention to the steps underfoot, but also to pay attention to the direction of the front.

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Cycling weight loss can be thin legs how to ride a bike to thin legs

In fact, we can also not need to deliberately exercise to lose weight, we can use some of the actions in our daily lives to lose weight, cycling is a good way to lose weight, it is not only an economic way to travel, but also a healthy way to travel. So do you think cycling to lose weight can thin legs? Here we go together with fitness knowledge there to see it!

Cycling to lose weight can slim legs

Cycling to lose weight can slim legs?
Cycling can play the effect of thin legs. Because when cycling the muscles of the legs will be in a state of motion, which can accelerate the burning of leg fat, effectively tighten the leg muscles, thus helping to achieve the purpose of thin legs. Cycling is an aerobic exercise, through a long time to adhere to, can tighten the leg muscles, promote blood circulation, burn fat, so that the leg line slim, fat, edema-type leg weight loss effect is very good.

What is the reason for thick legs on a bike
Some people think that insisting on cycling can not thin legs but will make the legs thicker, there are two main reasons. On the one hand, they belong to the muscular legs, cycling exercises the muscles, making them more obvious and making the legs look thicker. On the other hand, because after cycling exercise is not timely stretching and relaxation of the legs. Therefore, in order to slim your legs by cycling, you should first confirm whether your legs belong to the muscle type, followed by doing enough relaxation exercises after cycling exercise.

Can you lose weight by cycling to slim your legs?

How to ride a bike to slim legs
A, intermittent cycling method
When cycling, first ride 1-2 minutes at medium to slow speed, then ride for 2 minutes at 1.5-2 times the speed, then ride again at medium to slow speed, then back to fast, so alternating cycle exercise, can improve the trainer’s ability to adapt to aerobic exercise.

Second, power cycling method
According to different conditions, force to ride a bicycle, for example: uphill when adjusting the size of the gear (limited to five or ten speed adjustable speed bicycle), this method can improve the muscle strength of the legs or muscle endurance quality.

Three, the heart of the foot cycling method
Contact the pedals with the heart of the foot, can play a role in the massage points. Specific practice: pedal the bike forward with one foot, each time a foot pedal 30 to 50 times.

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