Pillow size height and how to choose a pillow

First, the origin of the pillow said that each of us is using the pillow, the history is long, from the original grass pillow, to the jade pillow of the people, the civilian stone pillow, different shapes, and the material of the material. The pillow of the ancients is generally a small pillow, on the one hand is ; three-inch longevity, four-inch worry-free on the other hand, for the readers, similar to¬† hanging head inspiration; When you are familiar with it, you will fall to alert. Of course, it is no need to now, so the development of the pillow is getting more and more healthy. Second, the pillow size and high now life rhythm, many friends overtime, stay up late, sleep quality is not good, there are many friends who have discovered, wake up, wake up, this is your pillow size, pillow The high degree of discomfort is caused, and the body’s conscious state has left the discomfort. This situation that is not sleeping in the pillow will continue to harm the cervical vertebra. The size and height of the pillow, everyone needs to customize the pillow suitable for you. Considering everyone’s sleep habits, the design of the pillow must be comprehensive, take care of the demand for sleeping with the back, the general system pillow, sleep, sleep, the filler gathers or dispersed, too high or too high or too high or It will feel uncomfortable sleep. The circulation of the pillow filler is very important, especially in buckwheat, activated carbon pillows, circulation is poor, it is a hard material, which will generate a feeling of uncomfortable pillow. Therefore, the pillow selects a good circulation, the soft and hard-working pillow filler, and it has been unhealthy to the cervical spine. Third, how to choose a pillow, satisfy the side to sleep, look back, and ensure that the filling logistics is good, the size can be customized according to their own custom pillows, it is recommended that Japan Tokyo Xichuan Nishikawa is healthy and sleeping, this brand has more than 450 years. History, And the private custom pillow that has been advocated, and the support of the Japanese Sleep Health Sciences is scientific, healthy sleeping pillow. Next: Sleeping posture is closely related to cervical vertebrae: How to choose a pillow size and filler, find a healthy pillow suitable for yourself