Pillows customization, you need to pay attention to some knowledge

As now, people have improved quality of life, and more and more friends have begun to pay attention to sleep health. From sleep supplies to habits, lifestyle, aspects are more healthy, scientific life development, and sub-health states are not going to slow. Today, the bedding is more diverse, and the real healthy product is really small, and some cheap products, because the materials are not sanitary and safe, even the disease, but not only there is no good sleep, and even harm their own health. The pillow is the most easily ignored as everyone needs. The most direct performance is the adverse reactions such as the pillow, cervical spondylosis, and poor sleep quality, the height of the pillow, the pillow size, pillow filler, etc., all directly affect the effect of the pillow. So, a healthy sleep pillow, how can you achieve a standard? Let’s introduce how to choose a pillow. The ancients said high pillow worry-free \u0026 rdquo; The pillow is too high to make the cervical vertebrae pressure, and the cervical spondylosis is coming. The pillow is determined according to people’s body data, not a few centimeters of the system or a punch, and half a box. So how is the pillow? This will refer to a concept, custom pillow. Customize the pillow, as the name suggests, according to the needs, create a pillow suitable for your own, and the pillow custom needs to pay attention to a few points. First, the pillow customization, the data of the demand is the neck curve, followed by factors such as shoulder width, height weight, sleep habits. Second, the pillow is customized for all ages, and the sooner the better. Third, the pillow belongs to a part of the bedding, and it is not possible to choose from, and should take into account the outer sleep environment such as mattress hardness and size. Fourth, the pillow customization requires rich experience with professional health sleep research results, the domestic reaches almost no, so you should choose a big brand, qualified sleeping pillow products. Said so much, custom pillows are not simple, although science, health, but not simple. In view of the limited domestic conditions, it is not focused on studying a business of sleep, bedding, wants to customize pillows in China. However, now Japan’s 450-year-old bedding brand, Tokyo Xichuan Nishikawa has come to China, advocated the pillow custom concept and the results of the Health Sleep Science Research Institute. I want to have a profound impact on Chinese consumers. The pillow is customized is nothing difficult. Network, Jingdong Xichuan flagship store, Tmall Xichuan home textile flagship store, waiting for you. Next: [Health] Sleep quality determines the quality of life, would you sleep? Previous: Sleeping posture is closely related to cervical spine