Sath is closely related to cervical health

Xiaobian has always had a bad problem, sleep is not honest, wake up in the morning, there is no existence, in addition to cool, the neck will hurt, today talking about this, refer to a small problem, thinking about a small problem I thought, I really, I have to change a one-meter long, it is estimated that it is nothing. I said the size of the pillow. In ancient times, the pillow used in the whole family is not big, and it is quite high, especially the reading person, I have been tired. Will, I will sleep, I will squint, and I have a fight with the hanging beam. It can only be said that the spirit of the ancient people is really touched to cry. Of course, there is no such demand today. On the contrary, the pillow size and high should be suitable, can’t let us feel the  (If you are abused, please ignore) the size of the pillow is not a problem to a certain extent, resulting in \u0026 ldquo; feeling  pillow is a small reason, due to sleep habits and pillow design problems, if you get used to sleep, often turn over, pillow The filler inside will gather while gathering, causing the pillow very short, short, falling down, falling down  latex pillow, there is no stable problem on the side, fundamentally, general pillows, in design There is not much more help for sleep, you see and pay attention, just a filler. According to statistics, each person is in sleep, at least 20-40 times, your pillow, can you deal with different angles, postures? In your cervical vertebra, you don’t need this way of learning. In most cases, you don’t know what to get to your cervical vertebrae, the pillow is naturally turned back, wake up and didn’t feel it. In the past, the quality of sleep can be seen. Please pay attention to cervical spine and let you have a good quality of life. Comfortable side, quickly enter the dream, large-scale side pavilion, in line with the shoulder high design, the physiological curve of the head and neck, the wall design guarantees the stability of the head and neck when you sleep, give you a comfortable, stable sleep environment, Make the cervical vertebrae to a fully resting and relieve a whole day. Next: Pillow customization, you need to pay attention to some knowledge: pillow size and how to choose