Sleep Day Activities, Healthy Sleep is waiting for you

Sleep disorders have become an important issue affecting the health of modern people. According to the investigation, the top ten occupations, the sleep index score from high to low rankings are civil servants, sales, finance practitioners, blue-collar, teachers, advertising / public relations people, business executives, medical staff, IT practitioners, media people. In order to attract people’s attention to sleep importance and sleep quality, Jingcai family will carry out sleep days, with the purpose of popular sleep knowledge, improve scientific sleep cognition, with Tokyo Xichuan Nishikawa bedding, create natural deep sleep, sleep more than an hour Sleep environment. Sleep Day Activity Store: Jingdong – Xichuan flagship store Tmall – Xichuan Home Textiles Flagship Store Time: March 18th – March 26th Activities: 1. Shopping over 399 yuan to wash the bag, shopping over 799 yuan to send travel neck pillow . 2, new product start, cervical pillow sleep day 399 yuan. 3, Shu Jian Pillow Couple, any two Shu Jian Pillows, for only 988 yuan. 4, shopping over 999 minus 50, full 1599 minus 100, full 2599 minus 300. [Introduction] Nishikawa, Tokyo, Nishikawa, is a household bedding brand, with more than 450 years of history, with the professional, intimate, sincerity of the Sleep Research Institute and Sleeping Support Room, and bring happiness to life. Tokyo Xichuan will create Happy Sleep as our own responsibility, and constantly strive to create a flat, comfortable, surprise bedroom space and bedding function. Next: 2017 China Sleep Map Break – 80% of the Chinese Sleep Laugawa Nishikawa Sleeping Artifact Save Sleep Previous: Such a pillow has been used for a long time, the more you sleep, the more you sleep!