Sleep quality determines the quality of life, will you sleep?

Sleep is an indispensable physiological phenomenon in humans. In the life of the person, sleep accounted for nearly 1/3, its quality and bad relationship with the human health, in a sense, the quality of sleep determines the quality of life. 1. Before the child, be sure to sleep \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; sleeping is the first big thing in life. If you don’t sleep at night (equivalent to 11 o’clock at night; 1 in the next morning), many old doctors will say:  do not give you.  It is actually not giving it, but it is not good. 2, I should not think about it. I should not think about it.  Mdash;  depending on this or not, or if the sugar is in water, first, the big toe, then the other toes, then the foot, the calf, the thigh is gradually melting, and finally the Wushen, Naturally fell asleep . 3, nunis should sleep or sit in the gods  mdash; mdash; noon (equivalent to 11am to 1 noon), at this time, if the conditions are limited, you can’t sleep, you can sit in the moment, close your eyes. The Zen Master who meditated in the meditation hall is accustomed to taking a nap at noon. 4, sleep must be early  mdash;  mdash; the monk is the life of the morning, even in winter, it will not get up at 6 o’clock in the morning, and try to get up before 5 o’clock in spring and summer. For the human body health, it is good to get a new metabolism for the human body. Sleeping, don’t bring your watch, watch your watch, not only shorten the service life of your watch, but also not health. Because the watch (especially the luminous table) has radium radiation, the amount is very slight, but the accumulation of long time can lead to adverse consequences. 2, fake tooth is sleeping with dentures, if accidents, often swallowing the dentures in the sleep. In addition, the iron hook of the denture may pierce the aortic bow next to the food, causing large bleeding or even life. Moreover, sleeping with dentures also affects the quality of sleep. 3, bra with a bra sleep will affect development, affecting blood circulation, is also easy to cause breast cancer. Generally speaking, women wearing bras should not exceed 8 hours a day. 4, glasses general frame glasses will pick up, but some people who wear contact lenses may be too lazy to pick them up, so it is very disadvantageous to your eyes. The eye is breathing. If you don’t pick the hidden roll lens when you sleep, the cornea is deficient, and if anaerobic bacteria is caused, it causes inflammation, which is more serious. 5, the face makeup will block your skin pores, causing sweat secretion disorders, hindering cell breathing, and induces acne, damage to face. 6, mobile phone, such as color TV, refrigerator, mobile phone, etc. In the use and operation, there are a large amount of different wavelengths and frequencies of electromagnetic waves to form an electron fog, long-term infection, which will affect people’s nervous system. Leading the disorders of physiological functions. Natural wake-up method recommended 1, try to get up every day, no 6 weeks, actual sleep pace will be with your physiological rhythmsymbol. So don’t go back to sleep back, this will make the physiological rhythm more confusing, once open eyes, don’t hesitate to get up. It should be noted that even if you have to maintain such a law on weekends, you will have a grinding in the grinding in Monday. 2, the sun will be in a bad thing if you get rid of you, so let’s help you. Because those full-spectral sun can regulate blood amazo and melatonin in the blood in the blood. When it is illuminated by light, the serotonin will speed up the body’s metabolism, and I will want to sleep early. I will get up early. If you don’t have a way to get up early in the morning, you can pull it in the sun, you can pull the curtains, let the sun come in, or prepare a bright light, the alarm should open. Persevere, one day you will find that you will get up in the spirit before the alarm clock. 3, there is no one who is easy to follow the alarm clock that is accompanied by many years, because the brain habits ignore the familiar sound, so you can prepare multiple alarms to use, or wake yourself with music, because the concert promotes the oxygen in the brain The flow of blood allows the body to talk. If you want to boost the viol, you can choose the music like Mozart violin concerto; you want to be energetic early, you can choose a dance. 4, after deep breathing, first sucking, just like the whole body is lifted, then spit out, stop 2 seconds, then do it once, let the body full of fresh air, one day It is also easy to win. 5, after the water is getting up, drink the cup of warm water soon will let the body know that the new day begins, and then the toilet will discharge the old waste substance will make the body feel comfortable. 6, fragrant flavor will also stimulate the brain, improve the perceptual function, and drive away sleepiness and fatigue. So someone cooks coffee early, wake yourself with coffee. If you have a vanilla plant on your balcony, you can also pick a mint soaking in the washing table, and the mint has the effect of promoting blood circulation, which is also beneficial to the skin. 7, the sweetness will always feel the dizzy steering, because after the digestion of the night, there is no nutrition in the brain, the energy source of the brain is glucose, then add sweet food, such as bananas, Apple, there will be Effect. Try it, the wonderful morning is waiting for you! Next: See here, open your health travel Previous: Pillow customization, you need to pay attention to some knowledge