Such a pillow has been used for a long time, and the more you sleep, the more you sleep!

There are about 1/3 of life in life, and sleep is inseparable from the pillow, and the choice of the pillow is also learned. If not suitable, not only affect sleep, but will also affect your health. Choose a suitable pillow to make your body comfortably! For the best height of the pillow, the ancient Chinese traditional Chinese medicine believes: \u0026 ldquo; high size, so that the side is lying in the shoulders, that is, the supine is also comfortable. \u0026 rdquo; Here said the height of the pillow is lying down and the torso is maintained. High pillow may not worry about the relationship with cervical spondylosis, the normal cervical spine is proured, if the pillow can’t fit with the cervical vertebra, it will cause the cervical arc to change, causing abnormalities. High pillow is easy to cause cervical spondylosis: the ancients cloud, high pillow worry-free. However, there are many patients with a lot of pillows in medicine, because she is sleeping too high. High pillow is one of the common causes of pillows and cervical spondylosis. The pillow is too low or no pillows is equally not good for health. Some people have suffered from cervical spondylosis and think that they can benefit to rehabilitation, in fact, this idea is unscientific. No pillows, people are in my supine, they are too long, and they can breathe, and then produce dry mouth, dry tongue, throat pain and snoring phenomenon. If the side here is not a pillow, the neck muscles while the neck can also cause the sputum, pain, and falling pillow due to excessive stretching and fatigue. So the recommended Nishikawa pillow, partition design, no worries in the supine side, but also adjust the height separately, no longer worried that the pillow is too high or too low. Baby pillows, more important children, especially those within one year of age, is an important stage of head development. There is a suitable pillow that is very beneficial to the baby’s head blood circulation, promoting growth and development. At the same time, the baby’s pillow should not be too hard, otherwise it is easy to cause soft head deformation, some cereal materials are biased. In short: Children’s pillows emphasize stage applicability, different pillows should be used each period. According to the development of the baby’s head, adjust it at any time, can not use a pillow from a small, you can’t use the pillow to give your baby more. Pillow size For children, it should be adjusted at time, the children’s pillow of Nishikawa, Xichuan, has a high-level function, auxiliary scale, and reach the most combined child’s cervical spine. Does the pillow do not have Chinese blood? The most common cucumbers in the pillow are most likely to cause disease. Aspergillus is a major infectious factor that leads to death in patients with leukemia and bone marrow transplantation. And for adults with asthma, this fungus will also degrade their condition. After the material sampling studies in the pillow, the researchers found that there is a large number of fungi in the pillow used. There are thousands of fungi spores in each gram pillow, with an average of more than 1 million fungal spores per pillow. . Under the microscope, the fungi in the chemical fiber pillow is particularly obvious. Therefore, the efficacy of antibacterial anti-mite is very important for pillows. Therefore, the hygiene of the pillow filler is necessary to consider, the fillers on the market are not guaranteed,However, the resin hose filling in the Nishikawa pillow in the Tokyo, can be washed, breathable, food grade core, antibacterial anti-mite, and can be clear.Next: 3.21 Sleep Day event, healthy sleep is waiting for you in this: \”Staying up late is equal to the life\”, the pillow is calling you to sleep