The friend circle began to popularize fruit \”bubble medicine\”?Don’t be scared

Recently, the WeChat circle is circulating several video clips of fruit \”blister\”. I don’t know if you see it? I looked at it, most of them were caught eight or exaggerated, today I explained it one by one: The fire dragon foam is actually unique, and there are banana bream before. Here is a bacteriostactory and respiratory inhibitor. On the one hand, it is mildew, one aspect is to avoid premature ripening of tropical fruit, easy to store. The grapes should be a paper bag, and the paper bag is removed a few days before harvest, and it will be red in a few days. There are two possibilities of spray, one is bibbeatic, one is a trace element fertilizer for allowing grape to accumulate polyphenols and paladins. Bilder acid is plant growth regulators, the plant itself will also be produced, and this thing is used in the starting buds. The safety is actually very high. After all, it is used to counter the plant. Staffiness, which is currently the routine operation of raisin, in fact, is the upgraded version of the base, remove the wax of the grape, so that moisture is easier to volatilize. The peach spraying the anti-proof agent is the old rumor, some also say that the formaldehyde, you don’t feel spicy eyes? In fact, this is a routine operation before loading, cooling the peaches, which is convenient for transportation. Yang Mei bubbles this is not easy to judge, and the video is suspected to wear regulators uniform. I found it on the referee’s library online, there is no Yangmei’s sweet case, but there is still Yang Mei bubbles and preservatives, in 2019, Linhai caught together. This is illegal, some people do so, not equal to Yangmei is so out, I believe most of them have no problem. In the past few years, there is a media or regulatory authorities to measure data. Rockstened orange, this should be normal cleaning, hot air blowing, waxing, easy to store transportation. There should be a bacteriostatic agent in the water of the bubble, such as mimine, or the citrus fruit is easy to rot. As for \”color\”, if there is, it is a violation, but it does not affect the eating. The whole box is the same. You either species of oranges, or you have to accept the fruit treated by the water. The durian pills is turmeric water, of course, if there is a breathing inhibitor, it is also a completely understood, after all, the tropical fruit is to be transported again. Sugar cane medicine sugar cane is taking medicine in the incision site, if not guess, is also a certain antibacterial agent. Sugar cane is self-contained, and the long-term storage and transportation may reproduce 3-nitropionic acid, a poisonous neurotoxin. So much better, there will be other messy small video breaks. My experience is that it is basically a picture of a plot, especially a picture of a worried line. Text / Zhong Kai (Executive Food Anku Publice, Director of the CIC Food \u0026 Nutrition Information Exchange Center)

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