the pillow is calling you to sleep

Although the news of the day and night, the news is uncommon, but it is still unable to stop the pace of young people staying up late. Overtime, study, entertainment, insomnia … If you don’t sleep, the reason is different, but the fact that does not compete is, staying up late has become a national life. Take Xiaobian, I slept early, I feel that I have been over an hour, it is uncomfortable. Most of the human self-repair activities are carried out before 3 am, so the quality of sleep quality of 23:00 to 3point is especially critical. During this time, I have been sleeping for a long time, it is difficult to make up for the loss of staying up late. In addition, there is a very poor domestic sleep quality, and it is more difficult to quickly enter deep sleep. Friends who have been staying up late on the weekend must feel this feeling. We are too comfortable to sleep, just choose to sleep? Obviously not. Sleep is a little lanting, very harmonious feeling, naturally, usually we can’t refuse, , then wake up with abundant energy. It is hidden in this kind of harmony, and it is endless retaliation after breaking the law. Long-term staying night is an important means of trying to break the law and fight against the sky. In addition to the situation in which you have sleep disorders, we can divide the initiative to stay up late: the first, 7-8 hours a day, sleep time is not reduced, just sleep late late. This situation is 22: 00 6: 00 sleep really better than 2:00 \u0026 ndash; 10:00 is more beneficial to health? Summary, that is, late sleepers are easier to contaminate bad habits (unhealthy diet and tobacco and alcohol), it is more prone to depression, and bring risks, although it is not clear what this risk is. (Destroying the day and night physiological rhythm of human naturally formed work, hormone balance signal and circadian rhythm highly associated) second, long-term staying night, and insufficient sleep time. The consequences of this long-term stay is absolutely harmful and serious. Borrowing Wikipedia’s map summarizes: So, don’t stay up late, sudden death, sub-health, the traffic accident caused by the psychic, and learn to control himself. In line with sleep needs, it is not responsible for his health, and does not live up to their feelings. This is not, the two pillows below are mourning, go to sleep so much. Pursuing quality life, not just on the one hand. One full day, starting from healthy sleep; care for neck, scientific sleep, starting from Xichuan Nishikawa sleep; get rid of sub-health, enjoy quality life, start now. Next: Such a pillow has been used for a long time, and the more you sleep, the more you sleep! Previous: How high pillow is best for cervical vertebrae?