The pillow you don’t know is here

The pillow you don’t know is a small pillow here, but it contains various or scientific, or traditional, or historical factors. When he is sleeping in the ancient world, there is a prototype of the pillow, from the wood to the stone, from the casual to the active grinding, the shape of the pillow, and the height of different periods will also appear different changes. Today’s pillows are domestically, all kinds of fillers, shapes, functional layers, but can you distinguish between them? Really healthy pillow, do you know what conditions should you have? Let’s take a look. First, as a pillow, the most obvious is highly problem, the ancient pillows are very high, slowly, people understand that the height of the pillow is impact on the cervical vertebra, and gradually optimizes the height of the pillow, and the domestic, general thinking pillow height 9-11CM is the best, in fact, this is the lack of professional sleep research institutions in China, lack of scientific theory support. Foreign professional sleep research institutions pointed out that the height of the pillow is absolutely based on each person’s cervical vertebrae, and the system pillow is satisfied. It can only adapt to the pillow, resulting in cervical discomfort. Custom pillows is the key to solving the highness of the pillow. Second, the pillow filler is in the long river of history, innovation, from grass, stone, jade, to today’s buckwheat, down, fiber cotton, and recently hot latex, these new filled things are promoting different effects, even even \u0026 Ldquo; pillow \u0026 rdquo; And these new fills, functional outstanding, but for pillows, the desired filler should be supported, hard and hard, breathable, long-term bans, of course, this requires new filler, recently, foreign research and development A resin hose is very excellent as a filler. Finally, the pillow presents different shapes in different development stages. Domestic average pillows, thousands of strange shapes, there is no scientific basis, and as a sleeping pillow, the most basic thing is to meet different sleep postures, which is also the vast majority of the pillows that have not been thought and have. The height of the pillow, the size of the pillow size, is made with the shape of the pillow. Here is the healthy sleeping pillow of Nishikawa, Tokyo, this unique four-partition design, all partitions independently adjust the height, fully considering the falling posture of sleeping and going down, I want to sleep. How to sleep. Said so much, about how to choose a pillow, I believe it has a certain understanding, which is generally summarized as a pillow height, pillow size, pillow filler, pillow shape partition. Domestic products that meet these conditions are almost no, and there is not enough brand support, and corresponding scientific support is also very lacking. Foreign brands Tokyo Nishikawa, 450 years of history, to ensure their healthy sleep pillow, rich experience and scientific research theory, so that Xichuan sleeps, becomes the most scientific and healthy sleeping pillow in the industry.Next: Experts teach you how to choose the right pillow Previous: See here, open your health trip