What is the face to sleep in this direction

Sleeping is one of us to do, which allows us to get our high-speed brain and body get a break, let our body are full of energy in life and work in the next day. 1/3 and sleep of life, so insomnia is a painful and changing. And what do you want to pay attention to getting health and longevity by sleep? Today, we will learn about the impact of sleeping to human health in different directions, as well as different sleeping positions on health. The influence of the head in the four directions to the body is now living in the commercial housing. Some homes have set the direction for the bed, which is really good for health? Below, look at the Chinese medicine to sleep and face how to explain . 1. Many people in the first north life discover the sleeping direction of the first northern feet, can improve insomnia, improve appetite, energetic. The interpretation of Chinese medicine is the consistency of the direction of the human meridian and the direction of geomagnetic, so, in order to sleep, it should be natural, so that blood is smooth, so sleeping. 2. The head is facing the south of the south and facing the north sleep direction, but the operation of the blood and blood meridians is balanced, and it is also conducive to the body’s metabolism and circulation. However, in my country, there are Northern Heights, the head is sleeping in the south, and the head is too short to cause a lot of blood flowing into the head. It affects the blood circulation of the head. The blood vessel is easily congested. In the morning, there will be dizziness, the phenomenon of eyelids. 3. The head is in the east, and the head is sleeping in the east, and the head is in the east. It is a smooth health. \u0026 rdquo; It thinks the Oriental Lord is a hair, and the head is the meeting of Zhuyang, the head is sleeping in the East, the human body is easy to get yang, and the yang will not leak. 4. Of course, some people will also advocate the head to sleep in the west, which is because the human body is different in every season’s health method. It is the so-called \u0026 ldquo; spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter. \u0026 rdquo; So, sleep in the autumn and winter season, more beneficial to nourishing yin and moistening the body. In addition, some people have proposed their heads to sleep because of the opposite of the Earth’s autobiography, exhaustion, nightmare and insomnia. However, modern science believes that the direction of sleep is relatively weak, and it is negligible, and the phenomenon of sleep is good or poor sleep is a psychological and habit. Instead, various sleeping positions have an impact on health. The four sleeping positions on the body’s advantage 1. Left bedroom strength  First, the body is a bow-shaped, which is conducive to the relaxation of the muscles and the rest of the organs. Second, the right lung of the human body is 3 leaves, and more oxygen can be absorbed when the left is lying, which is conducive to the metabolism of human cells. Further, if pregnant women can improve the left side, improve the right-handed uterus, increase the parent to the fetal octivial amount. Disadvantages  First, the heart is on the left, the left side is easy to oppress the heart, and it is easy to have insufficient blood supply, especially the blood supply to the right brain. Second, the human artery is easy to distort, which will cause cerebral thumb to eliminate this hidden patient.Patient, it is best to choose a suitable pillow and supine sleep mode. Further, heart disease, gastric disease, acute liver disease, gallbladder stones, etc. should not be used to lying on the left. 2. The right side of the right side has been recognized by the health person, and the right side is here to be a lion ring. Advantage \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; First, the body’s muscles are relaxed, and it is conducive to the cultivation and rest of the organs. Second, the right side can also reduce the burden of the cardiac, the blood supply is sufficient to the liver, and people with gastric disease are also suitable for the right side. Baby right side can also reduce spit milk. Disadvantages \u0026 mdash; the lungs are oppressed and the oxygen absorption may be insufficient. Pregnant women, pneumatic difficulties and people with problems with the spine should not take the right side of the right sleeper for a long time. 3. Old-shelf   First, the amount of oxygen in the lungs increases, and the balance of blood supply, which is conducive to the metabolism of human cells, brain fatigue to restore and prevent cardiovascular disease. Second, avoid the production of face wrinkles and the sagging of female chest. Disadvantages \u0026 mdash;  muscles do not relax, hands easily on the chest, there is a phenomenon of mad dreams and breathing. 4. Prospects \u0026 mdash; The only advantage of squatting sleep is to avoid snoring. Dragons \u0026 mdash; First, heart lung is oppressed, leading to breathing and intact. Second, sleeping is easy to oppress the eye, and the eye is congestive and the eye pressure increase. Secondly, the heart rate of sleeping the body is easy to decline, the brain is insufficient. It is also not conducive to women’s chest development. Conclusion: We can get rest and health by sleep, but the sleep method is wrong, and it will also harm your health. Choose a healthy pillow, not to slow, look forward to, next, how to choose a pillow. Next: [Must see before buying a pillow] How to pick a pillow? Previous: Experts teach you how to choose the right pillow