Why do athhers prefer bananas?Ordinary people eat bananas to pay attention?

A few days ago, the picture of the banana when I took a break in Chen Mengjun, was paid attention to the audience, and even became hot. If you carefully look at the report on athletes at home and abroad, we will find that almost a group of athletes like to eat bananas, and often eat bananas during the game. Whether it is a mountain bike athlete, or tennis, table tennis and other ball athletes, and even runners … bananas often appear in their recipes. Specifically, what kind of nutrition is there in a banana? From the perspective of mineral, bananas are both potassium and magnesium, and it is more excellent in fruit. But from the perspective of vitamin, it is a good kind, why is the national athletes like this favor? This is of course because it has some other most fruits. Banana for the top ten advantages of athletes 1. Banana rich in carbohydrates, high heat in fruit. Compared with fat, protein, carbohydrate can be added faster to athletes, and the digestion is small, and the metabolic burden is also small. People who know some sports and nutrition know that before the game, in the game, the carbohydrates will be supplemented in the time of the game, which is very important to maintain a high level of physical fitness. 2. The type of carbohydrate in the banana is rich, both glucose, fructose, etc., which are rapidly absorbed, and has slowly digestive starch, and resistant starch. Banana’s blood glucose index is much lower than bread, steamed bun, rice, can continue to relieve glucose, unlike drinking sugar, blood sugar rapidly, and then fell quickly. Stable blood glucose levels are very important to the smoothness of the game. 3. Banana is a solid food, there is a good satiety. Its moisture is lower than most of the fruit, and the water is slow in the body. It is not like liquid drinks, and it is low, and moisture is soon being absorbed by the body, then rush to go to the bathroom. 4. Compared with ordinary staple food, bananas are rich in polyphenols. The banana has strong antioxidant capacity, and its oxygen free radical absorption can be comparable to kiwi, citrus juice. When the athlete moves in high-strength exercise, the body will produce a large number of free radicals, and the inflammatory response rises, and more antioxidant materials are needed to help the body maintain metabolic balance. 5. Banana is known as potassium-rich elements, sufficient potassium is conducive to reducing the tension of neuromuscular. At the moment of stress, this feature is very meaningful for athletes. 6. Many people have heard that eating bananas can give people a good mood, and to a large extent, they may be due to the micro-organisms in bananas. The bananas contain 5-hydroxyamine, dopamine and norepinephrine, etc., 5-hydroxyamine this substance will make people feel relaxed and enjoyable, and this is also beneficial to relax when the player is coming. 7. Banana is soft, easy to chew, you can use the shortest time to finish. In the standby and competition, you can eat root bananas in one or two minutes. 8. Banana has skin, guarantees fresh health in the inside. But it doesn’t need to peel, convenient, no need to spit the nucleus, and will not let the hands are polluted by food, suitable for indoor outdoor applications.9. The banana is wide, no refrigeration, easy to carry, and convenient for two or three days. Especially in some long-distance events, the players will use bananas to supplement energy on the road. 10. Banana tastes pleasant, allergic in tropical fruit is relatively low. At the same time, it is also suitable for coating with milk, yoghurt and other foods, as a milkshake, sweet or cold food worth high. However, is our ordinary people that are not suitable for the amount of exercise, is it suitable for eating bananas every day? This depends on the specific situation of everyone, and how to eat, especially for the following people: Can people who lose weight can eat bananas? There are two main concerns for weight loss people to eat bananas: First, the heat is relatively high, and some people are very small, and the root banana is added outside the three meals, and the heat is easier. Therefore, slimming people must not be able to eat bananas, must be limited. Second, the protein content is relatively low. If you use bananas to replace a grain staple food, the heat does not increase, but it will reduce the protein intake. For those who do not exercise, this is not conducive to maintaining tight muscles. So, use a small amount of bananas to replace the dessert, snack, sweet food, it is not very costly to replace the staple food. Can diabetics eat bananas? Banana’s blood glucose index is not very high, you can eat a small amount. If you eat a lot of bananas outside three meals, it is easy to have the total amount of carbohydrates; it is easy to replace the staple food, and it is easy to reduce the proportion of protein energy supply, but may not be conducive to blood glucose. One solution is done between two meals, cutting bananas into small Ding, with sugar-free yogurt. This can provide sweetness to yogurt, and it will not take too much sugar. Another solution is to put the banana in the dinner, replace a part of the staple food, so that the carbohydrate content is unchanged, but the protein is slightly increased. For example, a two more banana meat contains 25 grams of carbohydrates, so it can be used to replace half a meal. However, protein food such as diplomane or tofu can be added at the same time, and the supply of protein is unchanged. Can people with bad stomach to eat bananas? When not mature, the tannins in the bananas are higher, but tanning has certain stimulation and harm to the gastrointestinal mucosa, and reduces the activity of digestive enzymes such as protein, lipase and amylase. A person who is weak in some gastrointestinal function will feel that the stomach is not suitable after eating bananas, the intestinal discomfort, and even the throat oral mucosa is also uncomfortable. This part of the people are not suitable for a large number of bananas (including persimmons, etc., etc., which are all rich in tannins), especially if they are not suitable for meals, at this time, the mucosal stimulation is more obvious. If you eat bananas and other foods containing starch, the polyphenols such as tannins will first interact with these components in the food, thereby reducing the stimulation of the mucosa of the digestive tract. Is the constipation suitable for eating bananas? In fruit, the banana is relatively special. It contains both resistant starch, which also contains dietary fibers, which is helpful for people who are insufficient dietary fiber, it is helpful. However, it is not because the dietary fiber is inadequate, but because the intestinal movement is insufficient and constipated., Eat a lot of not too familiar bananas, it may be reversed.Due to excessive tannins affect nutrient absorption, or cause the digestive tract protein to be aggregated, it may reduce the intestinal movement ability and aggravate constipation.Of course, these are basically no concern about athletes that have a large number of exercise and food.Because their digestive ability is very good, the intestinal power is very strong.In short, bananas are neither nutrients, which is not a high-calorie grunge.Natural food is not perfect, as long as you eat people, eat a quantity, eat right, let it play your own advantages.Wen / Fan Zhihong (Director of China, China National Society, China Science and Technology Science Communication Expert)

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